6 Tips for Planning Your South African Road Trip May 30, 2016 by Cedric (Driver Weekly)

Going on a road trip is the best way to get a feel for any country in the world. Driving your own car lets you stop wherever you want to explore the local attractions and meet new people. It also provides you with plenty of flexibility and can be much more affordable than flying, depending on your destination. South Africa is a beautiful country with an amazing array of natural wonders, beaches, vineyards, and vibrant cities to explore by car. If you are thinking of taking a road trip around South Africa, then you will want to think about a few things first to make planning easier.

Make a Plan

There are plenty of great routes for road trips in South Africa, or you can follow your whims and make up your mind as you go. It is good to at least plan most of your trip, but you can leave some wiggle room to explore points of interest along the way. This way, you know how long you have to spend in each location and won’t run out of time before you hit your favorite spot.

Know What You Want to See

To figure out your general road trip plan, you have to think about what types of areas you want to see. If you like mountains and sunflowers, for example, consider driving the 670 kilometers between Bloemfontein and Durban. Popular road trips also follow along the Limpopo River, spanning 160 kilometers from Pont Drift to Crook’s Corner. For backpacking, ecotourism, lagoons, beaches, and indigenous forests, take the route between Durban and Cape Town, a whopping distance of 1,700 kilometers.

Think about Your Timeframe

Just from the samples above, you can see the vast differences in distances covered on road trips. Some people like to drive for just a day or two while others are okay with driving an entire week. When planning your trip, think about how much time you have in total and how you want to balance driving and seeing attractions. Do you care more about covering ground and just seeing cities and landscapes out your window, or do you want to stop and get to know an area? Your preferences will affect where and how far you travel.

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