Three Stunning Road Trips in Italy May 6, 2016 by Cedric (Driver Weekly)

In addition to delicious food, Italy is known for gorgeous landscapes, lakes, historic towns, plunging coastlines, and more. To get the most of the spectacular countryside, consider taking a road trip through Italy.

Amalfi Coast

For those who enjoy coastal views on their road trips, consider a drive along the Amalfi Coast. The route will take you from Salerno to Sorrento with plenty of gorgeous stops in between. Salerno is known as the major southern access point to the coast. From there, you can go west until you reach Vietri sul Mare. This town has famous ceramics, so plan on buying a few souvenirs.

As you follow the actual coastal road, expect some challenging driving with tight curves and narrow roads. You are rewarded for the extra effort with even more impressive views. After traveling 12.5 miles (20 kilometers), you’ll reach Amalfi, where you should visit the Cattedrale di Sant’Andrea. You can also visit Ravello, which is in the hills lined with lush gardens providing panoramic views. From there, you can drive to Positano, a nearly vertical town with quaint houses stacked right in the hillside. The road will then take you inland until you reach Sorrento. This popular tourist destination has impressive views of Mount Vesuvius.

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