Road Trip: Trollstigen, Norway Jan 25, 2016 by Cedric (Driver Weekly)

No matter the type of vehicle you have, a road trip in Trollstigen, Norway will give you an experience of a lifetime. Trollstigen literally translates to “troll’s path” and is among the most popular tourist attractions in Norway for drivers, cyclists, and motorcyclists alike. Taking this scenic road trip gives you the chance to enjoy the natural beauty of Norway in person, and explore a long stretch of land over a short period of time.

Enjoying the Route

Trollstigen, whose full name is Trollstigen Mountain Road, spans a distance of 55 kilometers. It is just 15 kilometers to the south of Andalsnes, which is in Romsdal County. This road connects parts of Rauma to Norddal. As you drive along Trollstigen, you will be able to enjoy truly gorgeous scenery regardless of the elevation. Some of the best views are at Stigrora, where the elevation reaches 858 meters. The scenic road trip will show you fjords, waterfalls, frozen lakes, tunnels, and more.

Between the tough terrain and the frequent desire to stop and take pictures while driving, you should plan to spend a fair amount of time driving along the Trollstigen Road. There are even set spots along the way for photo ops. In fact, the biggest viewing platform sits on a ledge that hovers 200 meters above the road. There are also several cafes along the way, each of which has excellent views.

History of Trollstigen

Trollstigen Road is considered a historic site and was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2005. It first opened in 1936, following eight full years of construction, and the name comes from legends of trolls roaming the mountains. Rumor has it that you won’t ever see these trolls, as they temporarily turn to stone in the sunlight, leading to the numerous cliffs and mesmerizing views.

Take Care While Driving

If you plan to take a road trip along Trollstigen Mountain Road, be sure to plan ahead. With winding roads, steep inclines, poor visibility, and narrow lanes, it can be challenging to maneuver this road. Take special care if you drive in the rain or fog, as visibility and traction will decrease. Because of this, you will want to select your car with care before the road trip, choosing a model with excellent traction. To give you a better idea of the driving conditions, the road’s incline is around 9 percent and there are 11 hairpin turns throughout. For safety reasons, the road is only open between mid-May and October, since this is when conditions are best.


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