4 Scenic Spring Road Trips Mar 1, 2016 by Cedric (Driver Weekly)

Spring is the perfect time to take a scenic road trip. The cold and snow are no longer a concern, so you can just drive along and enjoy the sights. If you are still trying to figure out where to go this season, then consider the following road trips, each of which is filled with gorgeous scenery and fun attractions that are at their best in the spring.

Antelope Valley in California

Start off in Los Angeles and drive north toward Lancaster along Route 14, which is also called the Antelope Valley Freeway. The entire Mojave Desert comes alive with golden poppies in March, but you will see the best and most concentrated selection at the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve. This reserve has 17,600 acres of land with the best concentration of poppies, as well as creamcups, goldfields, tidytips, and fiddlenecks. Just be sure to plan your road trip for late March or later to enjoy the full selection. While on the reserve, be sure to drive to Antelope Butte Vista Point for gorgeous views and desert panoramas.

San Juan Skyway in Colorado

When you have multiple days to enjoy a long drive, take a road trip along the San Juan Skyway in Colorado. The route covers 232 miles, making it the longest on this list, but the breathtaking views and fascinating sights are worth it. The best parts of the Skyway are between Silverton and Ouray. The area between these Victorian towns is called the Million Dollar Highway because of the gold and silver that used to be carted through the area, and the region is littered with the haunting remnants of old mining equipment. During the drive, stop at the Dunton Hot Springs Resort and Mesa Verde National Park for more scenic views. If you have a four-wheeler, you can bring it along and tackle the Alpine Loop Back Country Byway.

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