Meet The New Mercedes Pickup Truck Nov 9, 2016 by Cedric (Driver Weekly)

Mercedes-Benz is known for leading the luxury segment within the automotive industry, so its introduction of a new pickup truck reveals the new breadth of the company—and just how popular pickup trucks have become. Mercedes-Benz has announced the upcoming X-Class (or “X-CLASS”) which will feature powerful pickups with a bold design, upscale interior, and luxury features.



Mercedes has collaborated with Nissan on the new truck, and the X-Class will be built on the same platform as the Nissan Navara. While this allows the company to bring their new vehicle to market faster, saving time and effort, it also reduces the unique appeal of the vehicle. At the same time, this collaboration allowed the automaker to focus on other features and elements of the model. The Nissan Navara is a midsize pickup that was the international variation of the Nissan Frontier, which is found in the United States. Mercedes-Benz released two concepts using the new platform, the “explorer” and the “adventurer.” The Explorer has a sleek appearance that embodies modern luxury, while the adventurer demonstrates the company’s commitment to off-road performance. Both have an aggressive style that might not appeal to traditional buyers while attracting luxury customers. At this point, it is too soon to tell.

Capability and Luxury


Just like you would expect from a pickup, X-Class is designed to create a “rough luxury” feel. You can take the vehicle off-road road, but it will always have premium features like those found in contemporary Mercedes. Since the model has only just been announced, we only know that the Mercedes X-Class will have a high amount of torque. The automaker has said that the tested platform, diesel V6, and four-wheel drive will provide owners with capabilities that fit with any non-luxury work truck of its size. These include 2,000 pounds of payload and 7,000 pounds of towing. Off-roading will also be helped by two differential locks, a transfer case featuring a reduction gear, and an electronic traction system. We’re not sure how these features will be assigned to the final production models.



If you are getting excited for the Mercedes-Benz X-Class, be prepared to wait a bit longer. The vehicles that Mercedes showed off at the end of October were just concepts. The actual production won’t begin until late in 2017, but production is already in the planning stages. Mercedes will also begin by offering the X-Class to a limited market. Initially, it will just be offered in South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Great Britain, Germany, and Australia. This means that North American Mercedes aficionados will have to be patient. The automaker is strongly considering bringing the new X-Class to the United States, but they have yet to make a final decision. Mercedes-Benz may be dissuaded by the 25 percent tax on imported pickups to protect domestic manufacturers. In the meantime, drivers around the world will have to wait to receive more information on this unique luxury pickup.


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