Kick Off Tailgating Season with These Top 5 Trucks Oct 6, 2016 by Cedric (Driver Weekly)

It’s football season and get ready to enjoy tailgating with the right truck. Trucks are consistently at the top of the list of tailgating vehicles. Most people want a truck because they are spacious and versatile with lots of room for gear in the bed. If you know that you want one, then consider one of the following options.

Honda Ridgeline

Honda USA

The all-new Honda Ridgeline seems as if it was almost designed with tailgating in mind. In fact, you can opt for a sound system built right into the truck bed so you and your friends can pop open the gate and play some music, as well as an outlet for electronics or even a TV. The new lockable in-bed trunk is also a strong selling point for tailgating. It is drainable so that you can turn it into a large, portable cooler; no need to bring an actual cooler with you.

Ford F-150


Another favorite for tailgating is the Ford F-150—not to mention that it is currently the official truck of the NFL. This truck has consistently been at the top of lists for tailgating vehicles for years, particularly if you go with the Super Cab. This cabin has room for six people, so you can easily take your whole group to the game in a single vehicle. The truck bed is spacious, and the entertainment system helps you stay on track.

RAM 1500


The RAM 1500 is perfect for tailgating thanks to its RAM Box. You can use it to store anything you need, from snacks to drinks. RAM Boxes are also waterproof. They are even lockable so you can keep valuables inside when you step away from your truck. You will have no issue finding a tent that works with the truck bed to give you shelter while tailgating. You can even get Wi-Fi on your RAM so you can stay connected at all times.

Chevrolet Silverado 1500


The Silverado 1500 is another great option thanks to its available Wi-Fi connectivity. Listen and watch the game coverage from multiple sources or post updates to social media while enjoying your day. The spray-in bedliner means you don’t have to worry about your chairs, grill, or other supplies damaging the truck bed. Powered running boards make entering and exiting the vehicle even easier. Available lights in the bed make it simple to pack up your gear after a game that ends at night.

Toyota Tundra

Toyota USA

Last but not least, consider the Tundra for your tailgating needs. This full-size pickup can fit you along with five of your friends, and the spacious truck bed has room for all your gear. When you arrive, you can remove the tailgate and turn the truck bed into seating or just get easier access to your chairs and snacks. The Tundra’s legendary reliability will keep you heading to the game for years.

Whether you are looking for features, reliability, size, or storage, there's a perfect pickup for the big game.


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