What We Know About the 2020 Ford Bronco Jan 23, 2017 by Cedric (Driver Weekly)

Ford took the automotive world by storm at the Detroit Auto Show with one surprising announcement: the return of the Bronco. Before you get too excited, however, you should know that you must wait until the 2020 model year when this car is scheduled to hit the road. The last model was available as new in 1996, so this announcement is an exciting development for those who loved the original off-roader. The news is still somewhat limited, but here is everything we know about the 2020 Ford Bronco.

Conceptual Rendering / Bronco6G.com

The Announcement

No one knows when Ford originally planned to announce the Bronco, but we do know that the presidential debates tipped their hand. During the debate, the automaker received heat for moving production of two of their vehicles to Mexico. To mitigate any further criticism, they moved up their announcement that they would be building two new vehicles in the United States. Just a little bit later, Ford confirmed that one of these models that would be taking over production in the Wayne, Michigan production plant is the Ford Bronco.

The Official Information

The only facts that we know for sure are that we will get the Ford Bronco in 2020 and it will be among four or five new utility vehicles in the lineup. It will be built at the plant mentioned above and will have the iconic “bucking bronco” logo. It is also a given that everyone is very excited about this vehicle, but we may still have to wait a while for more official specifications and designs.

1992-1996 Ford Bronco / Favcars


Based on their educated guesses, industry experts are confident that the Bronco will share a platform with the other new model announced at Detroit, the Ford Ranger. If this is true, the Bronco will be a body-on-frame SUV as opposed to a new design built on a car. There are also rumors that the Bronco and the Ranger will be developed by the engineering and design team at Ford Australia, given that they engineered the current Ranger.


There is still plenty of speculation concerning the new model. The perfect example is the number of doors. The original model had two doors, but there are barely any SUVs with just two doors today, meaning it may have four doors instead, or even both options. It is also likely, but unconfirmed, that the Ford Bronco will have an off-road version made by Ford Performance. We are still left to speculate on the types of engines that will be on offer. Some possibilities include a small turbodiesel, an EcoBoost turbocharged four-cylinder, and a small naturally-aspirated V6. We can only hope that the production model lives up to our expectations—and official news arrives sooner rather than later.


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