Redesigned 2017 Mazda CX-5 Preview Dec 5, 2016 by Cedric (Driver Weekly)

You can’t get behind the wheel of the 2017 Mazda CX-5 quite yet, but you can still take a look at the new design and new features. The Mazda CX-5 is the middle option of the three SUVs available from Mazda, offering a balance of efficiency and interior space. The redesigned crossover will be available in spring of 2017, which means that more and more information is becoming available.


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Like most current models, the CX-5 follows the KODO Soul of Motion Design Language. The compact crossover was first introduced in 2011 and was the first new vehicle featuring the sculptural motifs found on most Mazdas today. For the second generation, a team of Mazda artisans considered multiple new refinements to the design. They even created a life-size 2017 CX-5 from clay to ensure the overall design was perfect. This led to the creation of a bold and athletic SUV with an aggressive profile that truly shows off the sense of movement Mazda aims to convey.


Mazda is known for its focus on the driver. Features like the Commander control knob right by your fingertips and an available Active Driving Display help Mazda achieve that goal. Even the speakers have been rearranged to minimize rattling of the door panels. Mazda added sound-deadening features, such as perforations in the leather seats, so you will only hear what you want. Of course, those who love listening to music will appreciate the available Bose speaker system, which has been customized to every detail, including materials and cabin size.


Mazda USA

Skyactiv vehicle dynamics is the newest Mazda technology, and it features G-Vectoring Control (GVC).In the Mazda CX-5, it helps increase the precision of your steering by optimizing your load control. Instead of just making the vehicle more powerful, Mazda has improved on their leading steering and driver engagement. The GVC took eight years to develop and will be introduced with the latest Skyactiv engines.

Passenger Protection

The latest model will work hard to protect passengers at all times thanks to the available i-ACTIVSENSE safety system that relies on cameras and milliwave radar. Configuring a new crossover with i-ACTIV AWD engages a predictive system that will monitor your surroundings and trigger all-wheel drive before your wheels even start to slip. This will keep the CX-5 ahead of the curve in more ways than one—and one of the best vehicles on the road for grip and handling.

Preliminary Shots

Mazda USA

Based on some spy shots and promotional material for the Mazda CX-5, we have an even better idea of where this vehicle may be heading. It had a new version of the five-point grille and was slightly larger. Experts predict more interior design cues from the larger CX-9. Mazda also created a brand-new paint color, considering every curve. The result is a Soul Red Crystal Paint applied in three layers. Application begins with electrodeposition, followed by a metallic coat, a red coat, and then a clear coat. While a new paint isn’t always considered the most important part of a redesign, Mazda wanted a new color to match a new design that emphasizes speed and motion at all times.


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