2018 Range Rover Velar Preview Mar 13, 2017 by Cedric (Driver Weekly)

Over the decades, the Land Rover Range Rover has become a true icon for those in search of the ultimate luxury experience paired with off-roading and all-weather capabilities. Soon, there will also be the Range Rover Velar, the newest addition to the lineup. The Range Rover Velar will be a 2018 model year vehicle, but you can still get a clear idea of what to expect from this model.

Unveiling the Range Rover Velar

You still won’t find a great deal of information concerning the Range Rover Velar. After all, it was only recently officially unveiled. Gerry McGovern, the design director, unveiled this model at the new Design Museum in London. More information was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show, but if you didn’t happen to attend the events, we have a preview for you.

Striking Style

The Velar slots right between the Range Rover Sport and Range Rover Evoque in terms of size and capability. The closest comparison to another vehicle would be the Jaguar F-Pace, which is its sister vehicle. In fact, the Range Rover even has the same crucial aluminum components as this model. Other than that, the two are distinct. The Range Rover Velar seems very familiar to those who already know the traditional Land Rover styling cues. At the same time, it is completely new, taking the Range Rover in a direction it has not gone in the past with a lower and longer body, minimalistic style, and stripped-down look. Reviewers agree that this is perhaps the most beautiful SUV available; at the very least, it proves that an SUV can be stunning.

Technological Interior

We haven’t gotten the chance to sit inside the Range Rover Velar yet, but we still know some of the key features and amenities that will appeal to drivers. The dashboard doesn’t seem remotely machinelike. Instead, it is minimalistic, creating a smooth impression that is entirely modern. The way that tablet screen fits into the middle of the dash is exactly what drivers expect from a contemporary vehicle. This tablet screen is also adjustable, so you will always be able to get a clear view of the information displayed there. There is a second screen below the main one that looks entirely different. It flows seamlessly into the center console with its controls, seeming as if it is truly one with the vehicle. This screen is black by default, but when in use, it works seamlessly with the top screen. You can even swipe your information between the two. These advanced screens don’t require any buttons or knobs, so you will see very few of these. There are just three rotary dials, two of which are large and sit above the third. The premium options continue with a cloth interior that is the same quality as the standard leather but offers a unique design.

Built for the Urban Jungle

On paper, the Range Rover Velar has four-wheel drive and a wading depth of 650mm (approximately 25.5 inches), but this luxurious crossover will have trouble tackling anything outside of the urban jungle. Not only would owners be reluctant to damage the expensive vehicle but the Velar has limited towing capacity and does not have a transfer case with crawler gears. Drivers can claim a limited ability to hit the dirt compared to other luxury crossovers, but we think that the Velar will appeal more to those with a sense of style looking for an SUV at a price point between the smaller Range Rover Evoque and the more expensive Range Rover Sport.


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