The Best SUVs in America From Consumer Reports Jul 5, 2017 by John (Driver Weekly)

In a crowded market, a new SUV needs to be exceptional. It needs top marks in safety features, comfort, storage, and reliability. Here, we have the top seven best SUVs in America according to Consumer Reports. Consumer Reports have put these vehicles through their independent tests and ranked them against the competition. The vehicles have met their tough requirements and are ready for anyone looking for a new SUV.

1. Volkswagen Tiguan

Since its official launch in 2007, Volkswagen has done a commendable job catching up to the competition. It has a nice body frame and ample safety features. The interior has room for front and rear passengers; we haven’t forgotten the trunk, which is generously spacious. It has a variety of four-cylinder diesel and gasoline engines, leaving the choice to you.

The Tiguan has a fun off-road package that is effective on all terrain thanks to its 20-centimeter ground clearance. This combined with the optional all-wheel drive pushes it to the list of 5 best SUVs.

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