Top 5 Concept Cars from the Shanghai Auto Show May 2, 2017 by Cedric (Driver Weekly)

The 2017 Shanghai Auto Show ended on April 28th and, as expected, it included numerous exciting concept cars and new vehicles. As always, automakers used the Auto Show to showcase what they have been working on, including experimental models we can’t wait to see on the lots. Here are just a handful of the most interesting ones that made their debut.

Audi e-tron Sportback Concept

Although the new Audi e-tron crossover isn’t set to arrive for about another year, they took advantage of the Shanghai Auto Show to show off a future variation of this hopefully popular model. The e-tron Sportback is larger than the existing Q5 but smaller than the Q7, meaning it may eventually be a Q6 when the e-tron family arrives. Compared to the other e-tron concepts, this slick EV is lower and wider with a rear window that is steeply sloped. It has the same electric drivetrain as the e-tron concept, including a 95-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack.

Lynk & Co 03 Concept

This concept sedan is only the second vehicle planned for production from Lynk & Co, but it may be ready to shake up the automotive industry. To attract reluctant new buyers, this and the other models from the automaker will have a lifetime warranty and free data connectivity. A select group of 800 people got to see the vehicle before its debut during the Auto Show. There will even be a button for renting or sharing the vehicle, showing how Lynk & Co wants to embrace future trends in ridesharing and automotive ownership.

NextEV Nio EP9

The track-only Nio EP9 is an electric hypercar intended for competition in Formula E. This model is incredibly stylish with a sleek shape that screams aerodynamics. The pre-production version has been creating lap records left and right, giving us plenty to hope for from the production model. There will be a limited number available for the company's racing investors, but NIO has also announced that they might produce ten more models for public sale.

Qoros K-EV

During the Shanghai Auto Show, Qoros showed off their fully electric luxury concept vehicle. Unlike others who have shown similar concepts, Qoros is already an established brand with an excellent track record. The K-EV has four electric motors that together have 870 horsepower. It can reach 162 miles per hour and go from zero to 62 mph in an impressive less than 2.7 seconds. It also features a 300-mile range and remote control plus monitoring abilities.

Volkswagen I.D. Crozz Concept

Volkswagen has been showing consumers and enthusiasts various I.D. concepts for a while, including the I.D. and I.D. Buzz, but they have now added the I.D. Crozz concept to their list. It has headlights which are able to squint, wink, and more and gives us a good idea of what VW hopes to include in their long-range EV for 2020. It has mass-market appeal and uses the EV-specific MEB platform. Other notable features include the two electric motors, 83-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery, and 18-cubic-foot cargo area.

Electric cars and ridesharing dominated the headlines at the Shanghai Auto Show this year. Chinese automakers are making a big push to electrify their fleets in anticipation of tighter government regulations and new market opportunities. We can’t wait to see which concepts make it into the hands of consumers—and which arrive in the United States.


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