Smart ForFour Crosstown Edition Review May 10, 2017 by Jet (Driver Weekly)

Smart has a new twist on their infamous city car. American buyers are unlikely to see this version on sale domestically, but it will be available to international consumers. The Smart ForFour is a four-seater, four-door model from the automaker and the Crosstown Edition adds sporty trim features and styling that helps lift this model out of the crowd.

Upgrading the ForFour


American drivers are probably most familiar with the two-door Smart ForTwo. Obviously, this only works for shorter trips or urban commuters. The ForFour attempts to provide a broader model range without sacrificing the legendary fuel economy of the ForTwo. To be a special edition model, the ForFour Crosstown Edition makes a range of adjustments to the four-door model that drivers will love. This version of the ForFour appears sportier thanks to unique detachable parts like underride guards in both the front and rear plus new side skirts. This model also comes standard with a LED and sensor package that includes integral LED fiber-optic daytime driving lights plus LED tail lamps, H4 halogen headlamps, and fog lamps complete with sensors for light and rain plus cornering lights. While this package doesn’t change the appearance of the ForFour too much, it does make driving it a much more convenient experience. To keep the ForFour Crosstown Edition practical and provide useful space, one of the package enhancements enhances storage space. It adds a stowage net for the center console, a retaining strap for securing your items, and a lockable glove compartment.

Urban Style Packages

The ForFour Crosstown Edition also automatically includes the Urban Style Package. This includes rear wheel arch liners and new 16-inch R95 alloy wheels with a Y-spoke. They feature 185/50 R 16 tires in front and 205/45 R 16 ones in the back. This Urban Style Package also makes interior adjustments, including a leather-wrapped sports steering wheel with three spokes and gray topstitching. This package is also equipped with brushed stainless steel sports pedals and rubber studs like those found on the showroom model. Wrapping up the Smart ForFour Crosstown Edition is the Cool & Audio Package that enhances the Smart Audio System with an AUX/USB interface, Bluetooth interface with hands-free functionality, and audio streaming. It even adds automatic climate control, something that is rare for the ForFour and vehicles of its size in general.

The Powertrain


One thing that does not change for the ForFour Crosstown Edition is the powertrain. You still get the same 1.0-liter 3-cylinder engine found on other Smart ForFour models. This means you get 70 horsepower and a torque of 90 pound-feet. These figures are expected for a Smart vehicle of its size that focuses on efficiency and maneuverability. You don’t buy a Smart car to race in, despite any styling cues that might try and suggest otherwise. With that in mind, while we appreciate any attempt to make a car model more fun and exciting, in this case, we’re not sure if the Crosstown Edition offers enough to justify a four-door Smart car.

Crosstown Colors

Although the version of the ForFour Crosstown Edition that was on display in Geneva had a body finished in Graphite Grey and a safety cell in Black Tridion, there are more colors to choose from. You can stick to solid colors like Red, Black, or White or opt for two-tone metallic finishes if you are willing to pay a little more. Those choices include Hazel Brown, Cadmium Red, Lava Orange, Cool Silver, and Black-To-Yellow. Most of these should be available for the Crosstown Edition, as they are offered on the latest version of the regular ForFour. While the two-door versions have a limited but effective niche, we’re not sure bold colors, trim upgrades, and new sensors prove to be enough to attract interested buyers to a four-door Smart car.


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