Formula E SRT05e Racecar Concept Review Mar 27, 2017 by Cedric (Driver Weekly)

Formula E is the all-electric racing series that maximizes the incredible acceleration and performance tricks of an electric supercar with exciting updates to the racing vehicles intended for their fifth season starting late next year. The new information comes from concept images from Spark Racing Technologies, who will be responsible for building these second-generation Formula E cars. If you think you know what a Formula E racecar looks like, think again.

Improved Design

Spark Racing Technology

The new Formula E SRT05e racecars will have enhanced aerodynamics, as well as a reduction in their weight. They should also use the battery more efficiently. This combination of features means that the new cars should also be faster. To compensate for increased speeds, Spark is making extra efforts to secure driver safety. Of course, this is just a preliminary concept, and there might be a range of before the start of the season. Production models rarely match their concept counterparts completely, and the same is true of professional racecars. Even so, the images should give us a general idea of the overall styling of the new vehicle.

The Concept

Spark Racing Technology

There are multiple concept images that give us a good idea of the direction that the new Formula E racecars are likely heading. Three images show a cockpit that is completely closed while a single side-view image presents a cockpit that instead features a windscreen that is reminiscent of that previously tested by Formula One. The giant front wing seems to put aerodynamics above everything else. Based on the images, it appears that Spark wants to streamline the wheel surrounds. To us, this concept is similar to how most people imagine the vehicles of the future. Since all-electric racecars are on the cutting-edge of advanced design and engineering, this does not seem too far off.

Improving the Batteries

Spark Racing Technology

While the concept images for the SRT05e may have made headlines recently, the new batteries are even more interesting. McLaren, Atieva, and Sony are working together to engineer new batty packs that can hold their charge for the full race. At the moment, drivers have to actually get out and change cars in the middle of a race since the battery packs simply do not last long enough. To solve this problem, McLaren hopes to double the current energy capacity of the cars. Since they are currently around 28 kWh, this would mean bringing the capacity up to about 56 kWh. Of course, the new aerodynamic chassis with its lighter weight should also help improve the range by taking the racecars further on every bit of energy. Long-range batteries are still the Holy Grail for electric car buyers, and Formula E can play a role in demonstrating these advancements.


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