2017 Morgan EV3 Review Mar 29, 2017 by Cedric (Driver Weekly)

The Morgan EV3 is a three-wheeler that promises to deliver fun. Unlike many of the other three-wheelers on the market, Morgan provides more traditional styling to appeal to retro buyers. In our opinion, the result is a vehicle that looks classy and is sure to turn heads wherever you go. Of course, to help the EV3 further stand out from the crowd, it is also an electric vehicle, meaning it has zero emissions and is environmentally-friendly.

Behind the Wheel

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Few people have had the chance to sit behind the wheel of the Morgan EV3, as it is still going through a range of pre-production phases. Even so, experts admit that it delivers the fun driving promised by the style and the specs helped by its lightweight nature, courtesy of the three-wheel configuration. The EV3 can go faster than 90 mph and go from zero to 62 mph in under 9 seconds. Its powertrain is a 20KWh lithium battery along with a 46kW motor that powers the rear wheel. This powertrain is able to take you 150 miles on a single charge, making the EV3 useful, as well as stylish and environmentally-friendly.


Morgan Motor Co

People who want a modern three-wheeler styled like a sports bike probably will not like how the Morgan EV3 looks, but that is not their target market. We like the look seemingly inspired by aero-engine race cars of the 1930s, as well as fantasy automatons from the 1950s and classic motorcycles. Most people, including our reviewer, think that the Morgan EV3 has the perfect balance of classic styling with modern touches, including the engine and modern materials. After all, the body construction has composite carbon panels. The front also shows off its functionality with the tri-bar headlight sitting off center and brass conductive cooling fins over the batteries.

Inside the EV3

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The dashboard has a classic switch to let you select the drive mode, as well as numerous retro details in polished aluminum, wood, and brass. A black panel holds the switch and two traditional gauges, contrasting nicely with the light gray coloring and brass accents on the rest of the dashboard. This is still a modern car despite the classic gauges and color schemes. For example, you get a digital screen instead of the standard gauges on the non-EV variation. It maintains the traditional shape, however, keeping in the classic design. This way you can get more information, including that related to the range, charging, and battery use, without affecting the vehicle’s styling. The only downside of the EV3 is that it will not seat more than two passengers, and only one will really be comfortable.

Creating the EV3

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Every Morgan EV3 showcases its attention to detail and impressive commitment to classic design. The carbon bonnet, side pods, and Tonneau cover, along with all of the leftover aluminum panels have been hand worked on an ash wood frame to make each vehicle unique. While expensive, the Morgan EV3 is a beautiful driving machine.


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