Mercedes-Benz Concept A Review May 9, 2017 by Jet (Driver Weekly)

Mercedes-Benz takes their current styling to the next level on the Concept A. The Concept A is about the same size as the current CLA-Class Coupe, which is the current version of the A-Class. Even so, the Mercedes-Benz Concept A may involve a completely new body type. This concept vehicle made its debut at the 2017 Shanghai Motor Show and took styling cues from the Aesthetics A sculpture that modeled a more curvaceous look for new Mercedes.

The Shape and Styling


The Mercedes-Benz Concept A measures 187 inches long (4,570 mm), 57.5 inches tall (1,462 mm), and 73.6 inches wide (1,870 mm wide). For a point of comparison, this makes the Concept A two inches shorter than the existing CLA but slightly taller and wider. Thus, while the Concept A gestures towards a new style, the new proportions figure for a more conventional body style like a three-box sedan (with shorter overhangs) than the current CLA Coupe. That said, the Concept A model that Mercedes-Benz showed off has cab-forward proportions that likely indicate a front-wheel drive model. The 20-inch alloy wheels wear Continental tires. Going back to comparisons with the CLA, the A has cleaner lines as the brand moves away from creases. There is also inspiration from Mercedes-Benz performance vehicles such as the AMG GT. This comes from the cleaner rear end compared to current road cars. You will also notice that the Mercedes-Benz Concept A has more glass, which should make the cabin brighter. Overall, the vehicle looks like we would expect from a full production model, except for some minor features like the mirrors, wheels, taillights, and headlights.

Bold Looks


Thanks to the grille and other styling elements, the front of the Mercedes-Benz Concept A shows self-confidence. The Panamericana grille is deep and tilted in a forward direction. It has a star in the middle along with vertical chrome inserts for added style and is complemented by Powerdomes on a stretched hood. The lower air inlet is large and features a diamond grid structure complete with a dark chrome trim strip to really catch the eye.

On Display as a Sedan


While the Concept A may be very coupe-like in its styling, Mercedes-Benz is still referring to the concept model as a sedan. They want to create a coupe-like design that is dynamic, compact, and premium all at the same time. To keep it in the sedan family instead of drifting into coupe territory, Mercedes-Benz gave this concept a fairly vertical C-pillar, a higher beltline, and larger side windows. The exterior mirrors have a modern look, while the door handles stay flush with the sedan’s body on the concept model.

The most recent incarnation of Mercedes’ bold and curvaceous style looks like a winner that will maintain their successful run as the world’s largest luxury automaker.


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