Faraday Future Reveals The FF 91 Jan 4, 2017 by Ian (Driver Weekly)

Faraday Future has finally revealed their first electric model: the FF 91. The company’s first electric SUV has arrived on stage at the Consumer Electronics Show in Los Angeles.

High Stakes

Faraday Future

The stakes have never been higher for Faraday Future. The company is still reeling from serious scandals, including unpaid debts, disgruntled designers, and fleeing executives. Until last night, whether or not their new vehicle would make it to production remained in doubt. The FF 91 has the potential to save the struggling company if investors and drivers like what they have seen at the CES. At the same time, the company’s factory still remains under construction in Nevada. Potential buyers will have to wait until 2018 to discover if the car enters production.


Faraday Future

After hours of anticipation, the FF 91 rolled out onto the stage at the CES. The big reveal was an electric SUV with stunning specifications and matching futuristic style. The numbers are impressive: 130 kw/h battery pack, 1,050 electric horsepower, zero to sixty in 2.39 seconds, and 378 miles of electric range. At the same time, we can’t check these figures. While the company conducted several staged races against the Tesla Model S at the event, we can’t confirm their victory until the car is on the road.

Autonomous Driving

Faraday Future

The FF 91 has ten cameras, twelve ultrasonic sensors, radar, and one high-definition 3D LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensor that slides up from the hood. Frankly, the sensors sound good and, almost as importantly, they look better than typical sensor packages. The company claims it is the most comprehensive autonomous sensor suite in development. While full autonomous driving is still up in the air, the car can find its own parking spot or garage with the push of a button using the Faraday “CTRL” app. If these features are still in place the production model, the FF 91 will give Tesla and Google a run for their money.

“The First of a New Species”

Faraday Future

In addition to the autonomous sensors, Faraday claims that the FF 91 is the “first of a new species.” Built on a modular architecture that can be used on other vehicles, the car has an open charging system that can use 110 and 240V home chargers and a 200kw DC quick charger. The company claims that wireless charging is a possibility in the future. The car is connected to a virtual ecosystem: using Bluetooth and facial recognition, drivers can even unlock the doors without using their hands. Inside the car, the vehicle will adjust the seats, speed, and performance based on your personal profile. This is the first car built from the ground up for seamless integration with your phones, music, app, and personal preferences.

The Big Reveal

Check out this introductory video from Faraday Future. If you want to watch the big reveal at CES, you can check out their video of the livestream here. We pushed the video ahead to the real reveal.


Faraday Future

The FF 91 might promise unprecedented electric performance, autonomous capability, and seamless technological integration. But we’ll have to wait and see whether or not the preproduction model lives up to its specifications. If it does, there remains the question that Faraday Future will survive the year. If you want to ensure that you’re first in line, interested buyers can make a reservation with a refundable $5,000 deposit. This gives customers access to the first 300 models with a unique color and bespoke features. The stage-car looks good and sounds good. But, like much about the FF 91, the full price remains unknown.


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