Campagna T-REX Review Feb 17, 2017 by Cedric (Driver Weekly)

Campagna Motors is known for creating innovative three-wheeled side-by-side vehicles that are unlike anything else you will see on the road. Their eye-catching roadsters include the legendary T-REX with its iconic triangular shape. Available models include the 16S or the Ultimate 16SP. There is also a Special Edition 16SP which is truly limited, with only ten units available.

Incredible Power

Campagna T-Rex 16S / Premier Exotic Car Rentals

The T-REX is known for its three-wheel design along with its abundance of power. Given the vehicle’s light weight, the 160 horsepower from its engine is more than enough to give you thrills on any road. This lets you enjoy acceleration of just 3.9 seconds to get up to 60 mph and a lateral acceleration of 1.3g. This incredible power is possible since the T-REX 16S runs on an inline-six engine made by BMW. The low RPM torque lets you choose from brisk or smooth acceleration. Driving the T-REX is a fun experience with constant road feedback and a compliant suspension along with chirurgical handling. You can also electronically control the engine torque with a button to adjust how the vehicle behaves in moments. For even better performance from the T-REX, opt for the 16SP, where the P indicates performance. It has a long list of features designed to enhance performance, including a more direct steering system, special wheels, a race braking system, and an upgraded suspension.

Customizable Style

Even if you aren’t one of the lucky few to own the T-REX Special Edition, you will be able to show off your personality with this Campagna three-wheeler. There are 16 different exterior paint colors to enjoy in the most recent models. These include neutrals like Winter White as well as bolder shades such as Competition Blue and Energy Orange. The overall shape is lean as well as muscular. Thanks to the use of lightweight composite materials, the vehicle only weighs 525 kilograms. Every component was designed to maximize lightness, efficiency, and strength. The T-REX 16S sits on 16-inch front wheels and an 18-inch back wheel in gunmetal and featuring BF Goodrich g-Force Sport COMP-2 tires for high performance. The 16SP has a set of emblems along with unique wheels of the same size but with Anthracite Matte Metallic paint featuring machined spokes with bare aluminum.

Seating Position

Campagna T-Rex 16S / Premier Exotic Car Rentals

Since the Campagna T-REX was designed for a fun drive and thrills, the seating was designed with comfort and ergonomics as the main objectives. Campagna maximizes the fun of a low-slung three-wheeler with the perfect balance of performance features with day-to-day driving character. Your driving position is unique with a leaning position that helps you feel truly connected to your three-wheeler at all times. While sitting, you can easily reach the digital instrument panel to use the Bluetooth, line-in, 12-volt plug, USB, or in-display menus for audio, trip information, and more.

Three-wheelers are growing in popularity with a niche of dedicated drivers extolling their virtues to more traditional consumers. The T-REX is a top three-wheeler combining a bold style, power, and driving dynamics in a unique package.


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