2017 Vanderhall Venice Preview Mar 8, 2017 by Cedric (Driver Weekly)

Automotive enthusiasts love Vanderhall for their fun three-wheelers with retro-styling, and the 2017 Vanderhall Venice is the latest addition to their lineup. This three-wheeler is perfect for fun and is essentially a “base model” variation of the popular Laguna available for more drivers at a more reasonable price. To make it more affordable than the Laguna, Vanderhall got rid of the hand-laid carbon fiber body, replacing it with composite panels that also help reduce weight.



The 2017 Vanderhall Venice runs on a 1.4L turbocharged four-cylinder gas engine from General Motors. This powertrain works with a six-speed automatic transmission and delivers 200 horsepower. Because the Venice weighs only 1,375 pounds, this is more than enough power for the small roadster. This results in the ability to reach 130 miles per hour and go from zero to 60 mph in under five seconds.


When you look at the Venice, you will notice the retro-inspired styling and a few features borrowed from the more expensive Laguna. It also resembles the vintage-inspired Morgan three-wheeler to some extent, although the nose is more reminiscent of that from the Caterham. The Venice is sleeker with more aerodynamic body panels and a vintage-styled cockpit. You can pick the exterior color from a short list: Frost White, Abyss Black, or Charcoal Gray. Every color choice is paired with black grills to show off what this three-wheel roadster can do. The Venice also always has a black middle section complete with gray graphics. The company has said there will be more options in the future, including rocker panels in contrasting colors. The entire vehicle sits on 18-inch wheels.

Features to Keep You Comfortable


The Venice does get rid of some of the features of the Laguna in order to deliver a lower price tag, but it still has more than enough for the average three-wheeler enthusiast. The audio system has Bluetooth connectivity and the seats are heated. The V-Tex seats are available in a single color, although it matches the vehicle’s personality perfectly. You will notice, however, that air conditioning isn’t an option, only heating. You will appreciate the wooden steering wheel that gives the Venice a timeless feel and the sound system has 600 watts. As a three-wheeler, it should come as no surprise that the Vanderhall Venice doesn’t prioritize cargo space. The luggage area has 2.66 cubic feet of room for you to take advantage of, which seems about average for the segment.


While three-wheelers don’t have a stellar reputation the Vanderhall Venice, like most contemporary three-wheeled vehicles, has no significant stability issues. The small vehicle can come to a stop in less than 100 feet when going 60 mph. It also has brake assist and ABS along with performance calipers and rotors, the last of which helps it achieve this excellent stopping time. Concerned drivers should wear a helmet and exercise caution around larger vehicles, but that is a small price to pay for experiencing such a fun drive on an open road in a similar fashion to a motorcycle.



The 2017 Vanderhall Venice is now available for reservation for interested buyers. While more reasonably priced than the luxury-minded Laguna, the Venice is still an expensive vehicle and buying one is more akin to buying a sports car with a specific and limited goal: having a lot of fun on the road. With that mind, it is a great choice for those who love three wheel roadsters with lots of style and a punch of performance.


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