2017 Bentley Continental Supersports Review Feb 21, 2017 by Cedric (Driver Weekly)

The latest car from Bentley is the fastest the automaker has ever built. Bentley is known for luxury vehicles, and the 2017 Continental Supersports easily lives up to expectations on that front while breaking barriers with unprecedented performance from a Bentley. Since this will be the top model in the Bentley Continental lineup, it will have some familiar features that you expect from a Continental, including the 2+2 seating configuration, muscular appearance, and luxurious interior.

Generating the Power

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The W12 engine under the hood of the 2017 Supersports only seems familiar at a glance. This engine has been overhauled and now produces 750 pound-feet of torque and 700 horsepower. Thanks to this powertrain, the Bentley only takes 3.4 seconds to get up to 60 mph, a very impressive specification considering the vehicle weighs 2.7 tons. This qualifies it as the Bentley with the fastest acceleration ever. For people who enjoy comparisons, this luxury grand tourer will hit sixty in the same amount of time as the Ferrari FF. To make it even better, however, the Continental Supersports continues accelerating until it reaches over 200 mph. It should not come as any surprise that Bentley made multiple adjustments to the W12 engine to achieve these impressive figures. The turbochargers are now larger, and the intercooler has also improved. Take a closer look, and you will notice a torque converter that is more eager. It also helps that the Continental Supersports has weight savings. You still get an all-wheel drive system biased towards rear-wheel drive and dynamic braking.

Sporty Interior

Anyone can get comfortable in the Bentley Continental Supersports with its diamond-quilted Alcantara seats that are matched by the door linings. In our opinion, it is not as understatedly elegant as older Bentleys, but the extravagant styling won’t let anyone forget that you’re in a luxury model. The interior design is very similar to other Continentals, including the choice of ten interior finishes that you will recognize. The only thing lacking in our opinion is rear passenger room. You can fit smaller adults, but you would not want to go on a long drive with full-sized rear-seat passengers.

Exterior Styling

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Wherever you go in the 2017 Bentley Continental Supersports, you will turn heads with its carbon-fiber front splitter, dark-tint light clusters, and carbon-fiber rear spoiler. If wanted, you can opt for the titanium exhaust setup that gives you noisier and lighter pipes. You can also turn heads with the Continental Supersports Convertible. Just remember that if you opt for the convertible, there will be a few mild performance compromises. Acceleration time goes to 3.7 seconds, and the top speed becomes 205 mph compared to 209 mph in the regular version. Do not worry about getting cold if you choose the convertible as it features a neck warmer built in so that you can put the top down on cool days as well. Also, this should be the fastest four-seat convertible on the market. Either way, the distinctive fascia and muscular lines of the Bentley Continental are at their best with a powerful engine and acceleration that can impress your peers at cocktail parties.


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