Things to Consider when Choosing a Mechanic Jan 25, 2016 by Darren (Driver Weekly)

If you aren’t mechanically minded, it can be quite difficult to find a trusted mechanic that you can rely on. Most drivers do not have the in-depth automotive know-how to repair a vehicle that starts to break down. Here are seven tips to help in the process of finding a reliable mechanic that you can build a long-term relationship with.

Personal referral

Get in contact with people you trust – colleagues, friends, family, etc. - and ask for their recommendation on an honest and reliable mechanic. Pay more attention to those who seem to have a better understanding or their mechanic and repairs. Alternatively, use your social media contacts to help find a mechanic in the local area.


Take a look at what others say by visiting sites related to consumer protection groups and preferably go to those that target the car industry. Many of these sites give useful information on the quality of service provided by local garages or mechanics while also giving general advice on the different potential hazards you might come across. Plus, it can help to find out how long someone has been in business.


Make sure the likely mechanic has the qualifications and is certified as an auto mechanic. Also, make sure the preferred local garage is able to work on your particular make and model of car. Many garages and mechanic are trained to work on certain models or makes of cars. Be sure the licensed professionals are able to give the expert assistance in the area you need.

Clear communication

Having the ability to communicate clearly with the mechanic is certain to make the process of having the car repaired a much simpler process. It helps to have the garage that is willing to explain precisely the work that needs completing while also being open to answering questions. Also, make sure the estimate is something they will stick to and should extra work become apparent; they will get in contact before going ahead with work that leads to additional charges.

Begin small

Wherever possible, it might benefit to start small when working with a new shop or mechanic for the first time. Start with an innocuous job like a tire rotation or an oil change to see how the experience goes. Provided the work is completed to a satisfactory standard, on budget and on time, you can entrust the larger jobs in the future to the same mechanic.


Make sure the mechanics stand behind their work and provide a good warranty for the completed work. Ask about the extent of the warranty because they can differ quite considerably between the different repair shops.


Use a garage that is easily accessible to either work or home to make it easier to leave and collect the vehicle when it is undergoing repairs. Also, it might be worth using a garage that has a courtesy car option or a pickup and drop off service.


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