How to Improve Gas Mileage Jan 25, 2016 by Darren (Driver Weekly)

Improving the gas mileage is not only appreciated for its ability to save money, but it is also beneficial to the environment because of the lower fuel emissions. Reducing the personal driving – by combining trips, using public transport, or carpools are certain to give the greatest impact. But, there is still a variety of ways to improve gas mileage while driving, such as keeping the car properly maintained and operating more efficiently. For instance, a car that isn’t well-maintained can burn nearly 30% more fuel compared to the vehicle that receives a regular service. Here are 10 tips to help improve gas mileage.

Tire Pressure 

Give the tire pressure a check at regular intervals, usually once monthly. Tires left under-inflated with burn more fuel because of the increased rolling resistance. A 5% reduction in rolling resistance is noticed for tires that are just 8 pounds under inflated.

Cruise Control

When in the appropriate driving conditions on the highway make sure to use cruise control to save on gas mileage. Regular use of cruise control has the potential to cut fuel consumption by nearly 6%. 

Battery Cables

Maintain the battery cables and have them cleaned and inspected after each engine check-up. Battery cables left to get corroded puts more strain on the alternator which means that more gas is used.

Drive Smoothly

Go easy on the pedals to reduce both general wear and tear on the vehicle and fuel consumption. By avoiding heavy braking and applying a light throttle action, it is possible to increase fuel efficiency by nearly 30%.

Lighten the Load

Be more conscious of the weight loaded into the trunk on the next road trip. Only carry what is actually necessary while also removing the roof rack when not needed to avoid unwanted wind drag. A car kept as light as possible is sure to benefit from lower fuel emissions and consumption. Carrying an extra 100 lbs of weight in the rear of the vehicle can reduce the potential gas mileage by 1-2%.

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