5 Best Radar Detector Apps Aug 18, 2016 by Cedric (Driver Weekly)

Gone are the days when you had to buy your own radar detector and keep it in your car. Now, you can download an application that does the same thing on your smartphone. While these applications are legal under most circumstances, keep in mind that certain cities and states may have regulations limiting their use. You should always double-check your local laws. If you’re still interested in a simple radar detector, consider one of these effective apps.

Cobra iRadar

While this application is useful and free, it has available in-app purchases that might become an irritant to your wallet. However, you can share and receive real-time alerts detailing speed cameras and traps. The app will detect red light and speed cameras and let you know if you are approaching a relevant intersection. The alerts are accurate and frequent, as is the speedometer, and there is a legible map that isn’t cluttered with unnecessary information. The only downside is the clunky interface, but if you’re willing to learn how to navigate the controls, this is a simple and comprehensive tool.

Police Traps and Speed Camera

You can choose a free or inexpensive version of this app. The free version relies on Google Maps and has more than 150,000 cameras and speed traps in the system. To make it better, users constantly report new speed cameras, and there are good socializing features that will allow you to tap into the collective knowledge of previous and current users. However, the free version has small ads that run on the screen, while the paid version provides an ad-free experience.

Speed Camera Radar

This app has one of the best interfaces for a free program. It doesn’t use a lot of resources and will detect static speed cameras, mobile officers, and red light cameras. As a bonus, it also indicates bad roads and other hazards. Speed Camera Radar supports every single country in the world, meaning it is great for those who travel. You can run it in the background until you need it, and the company’s database is updated every day.

Speed Cameras

Those who are most concerned about speed cameras rather than highway patrol or radar guns will appreciate this free app. The program tells you the speed limit for the road you are on and your current speed, helping you to drive safely and worry-free. There are real-time notifications concerning mobile radar traps, and it gives you the locations of speed cameras. While free, there are in-app purchases available.

Traffic, Radars & GPS

If you are unsure whether you trust a radar detector app, consider starting with this one. Because it is free, there is no investment required. The interface is usable if not exceptional, and you can use simple road maps or more detailed projections of the terrain and buildings, depending on your data and loading time. There are lots of speed trap warnings, great traffic information, and single tap notifications. Best of all, it can run in the background and help you avoid traffic jams. If you find these apps useful, you can always advance to a paid version—improving the driving experience and keeping you safe on the road.


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