Volkswagen Road Sign Display System Jan 12, 2017 by Cedric (Driver Weekly)

Volkswagen has introduced a new driver assistance tool on some of its latest models: a road sign reading safety system called “Dynamic Road Sign Display.” This system helps you keep track of all the relevant road signs you pass, a process known as "Traffic Sign Recognition" or TSR. This way, if you happen to miss one, you don’t miss important information about speed, driving restrictions, dangers, or directions. At first, TSR was only available from luxury marques like BMW, Volvo, and Mercedes. Now they can be found on more vehicles from Volkswagen.

How It Works


The system will be active at all times. It relies on a forward-facing camera that recognizes various signs on the road ahead. It will then display the signs it sees on the head-up display, center console, or instrument cluster, depending on the settings you choose. In addition to detecting and showing the speed limit, it can show you signs indicating the motorway is about to end, showing that you are in a no passing zone, and for highway exits. Now you don’t have to stress out about whether you passed your exit; you always know which one is coming up. The Dynamic Road Sign Display can even work with the rain sensor in certain Volkswagen models to let you know if any weather-specific limits are currently applicable.

Checking the Information

Volkswagen has also ensured that the system won’t give the driver any misinformation. To prevent this, it will cross-reference the camera with navigation data and information about your vehicle. For example, if the camera accidentally reads the speed limit as 70 mph on your local suburban street, the system will realize this is most likely wrong and avoid displaying confusing or misleading information.

Worldwide Usefulness


This is a simple and useful system that integrates advances cameras and dashboard displays without overwhelming the driver with new information. This system can be helpful in the United States, but it will be much more useful in areas of the world with less clearly marked roads. After all, in the United States, you will rarely come across speed limits that are dependent on weather conditions, but this isn’t the case in Europe. It can prove especially useful for those who are visiting a foreign country and don’t understand local driving instructions.


The Dynamic Road Sign Display is just being rolled out. This means that only select Volkswagen models will offer it, and it will initially just be available in certain parts of the world, particularly on European models. The automaker can only offer this system on models with navigation and a camera. If drivers like the new program we expect that the company will expand its availability in the future. Similar systems can also be found on some European models from Ford, Renault, and Nissan. We'll have to see which is better. Either way, this system represents an easy way to reduce driving worries without breaking the bank or relying on fragile new sensors.


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