Top 5 Infotainment Systems Jul 7, 2016 by Cedric (Driver Weekly)

Many drivers want a vehicle that has the latest infotainment system in addition to traditional features and amenities. Every automaker has developed its own infotainment system, and although they are inherently similar, each is unique regarding layout, options, controls, and usability. If infotainment is an important consideration for your next vehicle, then consider the top five infotainment systems from the leading automakers.

BMW: iDrive


Given the starting price of a luxury car, it is no surprise that BMW has an excellent infotainment system. You control it via a rotary knob and voice commands and can there is an available 10.2-inch dashboard screen, more than enough to see everything at a glance. The top portion of the rotary knob works as a small touchpad to increase the sensitivity and versatility of the controls. There is an optional built-in hard drive to increase storage space. The system works with ConnectedDrive for telematics, streaming radio, local information, and more. There is even speech dictation so you can listen and respond to social media, updates, and texts.


Hyundai USA

Although it is currently unbranded, the infotainment system that comes with the Hyundai Genesis is clearly among the top systems of its kind. You control it with a central dial, buttons, and, of course, the touchscreen. This system can work with a 9.2-inch touchscreen, one of the largest available. It works together with BlueLink telematics for remote access to your vehicle, and the simple menu makes it easy to learn. The voice command menu even lets you know how you should phrase your commands for maximum legibility, avoiding some of the common mistakes that plague similar devices.

Audi: MMI

Audi USA

Audi MMI relies on a rotary knob and voice commands along with a small touchpad. The system is among the most intuitive infotainment systems available with incredibly quick response times and a great graphics display. It connects to Facebook and Twitter, along with Audi Connect, and lets you access fuel prices, weather, and local parking at the touch of a button.

Chrysler: Uconnect


Chrysler Uconnect is one of the leaders in infotainment. Drivers can get a touchscreen that is up to 8.4 inches across and is controlled by a combination of knobs, buttons, and the touchscreen itself. It includes features like SiriusXM; emergency telematics; local searches on Yelp; and music from Aha, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and Slacker. Critics praise Uconnect for its ease of use, and most users don’t even bother to read the owner’s manual and just dive right into the system.

Mazda: Connect

Mazda USA

Mazda Connect is similar to a scaled-down version of the BMW iDrive, which still leaves the Connect an efficient and well-tested system, while Mazda focuses on improved functionality for drivers. Connect primarily uses the rotary dial that can move from side to side. There are basic buttons and shortcuts with the ability to save favorites. You can also use voice commands, and, for safety, the touchscreen only works when the car is stopped, while a driver display behind the wheel keeps your eyes on the road. You can access apps from Stitcher, Pandora, and Aha, and the system is very easy to use thanks to the home screen.


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