Top 5 Dashboard Cameras Apr 26, 2016 by Cedric (Driver Weekly)

Dash cams, or dashboard cameras, are growing in popularity, especially in certain areas of the world. If you leave the cam on all the time, you will always be able to record the events leading up to or following an accident, protecting you from extra financial responsibility if the collision wasn’t your fault. Depending on where you drive, a dash cam can also give you beautiful videos of your trips. Of course, there are hundreds of dash cams available. You want to find one with good video quality, including at night; loop recording; motion detection or accelerometers; an option to lock a file; and a date/time stamp. Here are some the five best options for an effective dashboard camera.

KDLINKS X1 Full-HD Dashboard Camcorder

The KDLINKS X1 is particularly effective since it has a 165-degree lens and full-HD video with 1080 pixels. It records continuously and features a G-sensor (an accelerator that detects when the car experiences an extreme shift in speed such as a collision) that triggers the camera to lock the video surrounding an impact, so it isn’t recorded over. There is even a GPS feature built in, and it runs on power from your 12V cigarette lighter, making it easy to install and maintain. It even includes an 8 GB memory card and has the capability to hold up to 32 GB.

Garmin Dash Cam 20

Garmin makes high-quality dash cams in addition to GPS units. This model comes with a 4 GB micro SD card, but you can use up to 32 GB card. There are also various video formats available if you want to fit more on the card. The 1080p default mode is ideal for clear shots at any time of day. The integrated microphone lets you record information about a collision. Another bonus of this unit is that connecting it to your computer gives you access to GPS coordinates and G-force data.

LOPOO Mini Wireless Car Recorder

If you don’t want your dash cam to take up a lot of space, then the LOPOO a good option with a small frame capable of recording 1080p. It has a 150-degree viewing angle and is easy to attach. To help it stand out, it has wireless connectivity that lets you play back the video immediately on your smartphone. There is even a parking shot feature that helps you find your car. Use the time lapse to record images on a scenic drive. It can also give you notifications for weather, routes, and road congestion.

Spy Tec G1W-C

This is a great option because it is more affordable than many of the alternatives but offers most of the same features. With the Spy Tec GIW-C, You get looped footage and a G-sensor that saves particular videos depending on the force of the impact. Although you have to buy the micro SD card separately, the device fits up to 64 GB. The 2.7-inch screen gives you instant playback. You can choose from a version that is a battery-powered and one with a capacitor.

ZeroEdge Wide Angle Dash Cam

This top dash cam is similar to the other options but has the added benefit of a built-in 16 GB micro SD card. You can stick to the 1080p videos or lower the quality to fit more on the card. The Zero Edge has a 135-degree angle, a 2.4-inch screen for playback, and the camera itself is compact. Although it doesn’t have GPS, it does have a G-sensor and looping features.

Dashboard cameras can provide your vehicle with enhanced safety and security and an impartial witness to any unforeseen accidents. Hopefully, you will never need the footage for something so serious. Instead, you always have the option to record your own driving videos and scenic trips.


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