Tailgating Essentials For The Fall Season Sep 22, 2016 by Cedric (Driver Weekly)

Make sure that you have a fun tailgating party this season with these essential items. Whether you have a sedan, SUV, or pickup, you can find dozens of accessories designed to enhance your tailgating experience. Some will connect to your vehicle for stability while others are simply standalone items designed to fit in the trunk or truck bed. Here are some of the most popular and impressive accessories that can help make your tailgating party a success.

Tailgating Chair

You want to bring comfortable chairs along to your tailgating party since you will be there for a while! There are lots of options that are better than just the average folding or lawn chair. The Fusion Tailgating Chair, for example, is collapsible and you can carry it with a backpack. It is comfortable and even has a place to attach a cooler and foldout table, both of which are included.

Spacious Cooler

Unless you are lucky enough to own a vehicle with a built-in chilled console or waterproof compartment you can fill with ice, you will need to bring a cooler with you. Many automakers actually sell coolers that are designed to fit perfectly in their trunks, or you can just choose your favorite option. Just make sure your cooler is easy to move so you can take it out of your car.

Tailgating Shelter

Neither rain nor snow nor heat should stop a dedicated tailgater. But don’t risk standing outside in poor weather while tailgating. There is a range of great shelters that are easy to attach to your vehicle. If you have a midsize pickup truck or larger SUV, you should find spacious options that connect right to your tailgate and give you a covered area to hide from glaring sunlight or unexpected rain. 

Wireless or Cargo Speakers

Some of the newer vehicles on the market have the option of speakers in their cargo area or even the truck bed. If you don’t have a vehicle like this, consider getting a wireless speaker to listen to the game in style. There are options with outdoor modes that help you listen easily when outside in a crowded area, such as when tailgating.


You aren’t likely to find a grill that works in or with your vehicle, but that doesn’t mean you should skip bringing one to your next tailgating party. You will want to have more than just chips and cold beverages. Consider a portable grill or even a camping stove so you can make burgers and more. There are even portable outdoor pizza ovens and other specialized cookware that can take your tailgating grub to the next level.

Warm Accessories

Did we mention snow? Since tailgating parties continue to run as the weather cools down, you should get some accessories to keep you warm as well. If you don’t want a nice hoodie or jacket with your favorite team on it, consider some heated shoe insoles or just a nice stash of warm blankets. You can even get a portable outdoor heater for games during the winter.


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