New Car Technologies You Must Know Oct 24, 2016 by Cedric (Driver Weekly)

Technology is advancing quickly, both in and out of the automotive world. While you may feel that you are generally up to date on the latest advances in technology available for your car, there are likely to be at least several pieces of new tech that you don’t have. Between various automakers and third-party manufacturers, there are hundreds of sophisticated accessories that can improve your driving and protect your vehicle. The following are just some of the most important technologies you should know.

Advanced Backup Cameras

You are likely to be familiar with advanced backup camera systems, especially since nearly every automaker now offers one of these systems in new cars. In a world where basic rearview cameras have become standard in all but the cheapest models, it is no wonder that there are more sophisticated versions available from aftermarket suppliers. Some will have guidelines and distances to let you know how far from obstacles you are while others will provide multiple views. While some people will be fine with a regular rearview camera, those who have narrow parking spots that require tight maneuvers should spring for an advanced version (or if you are just bad at parking).

Night Vision and Pedestrian Detection

Night vision cameras have been offered on luxury vehicles for well over a decade, but it hasn’t quite made its way to the non-luxury brands. Not to worry, however. If your vehicle doesn’t offer this as an option, you can easily find a third-party accessory. The best night-vision displays will show you a view of your surroundings at night and often illuminate pedestrians, animals, and other obstacles in your path on the screen by highlighting or boxing them in a bright color. In our opinion, these systems are best for people who live or work in rural and semi-rural areas at night.

Automatic Steering

Automated steering systems can be relatively simple or more advanced. At their most basic level, they are the popular lane-keeping assist systems that make minor adjustments to ensure you stay in your lane. More advanced versions, however, are taking us even close to completely autonomous vehicles. Certain vehicles will give you the option of having the car’s computer steer for you for a longer stretch of time, such as several seconds or minutes. Keep in mind that you should always pay attention to the road, and this should help ease your journey, not replace an active driver.

Parental Controls

With today’s car technology, parents no longer have to wonder how their teens are driving. You can take advantage of programs that let you limit your teen’s driving, including setting a speed limit or volume limit for the stereo. You can also receive alerts when your teen driver tries to go past these limits or if they drive into an area you prohibited. There is also a range of GPS trackers available for your car that can track your vehicle’s location at any time, perfect for those concerned about their teens and anyone who doesn’t want to worry about finding a stolen vehicle.

Of course, this is just a small sample of the newest car technology. Other noteworthy systems include mobile internet in the car, collision mitigation systems, systems that watch out for driver alertness, and various headlight-adjusting systems. Together, these advanced features can make your drive safer and more relaxing.


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