Necessary Summer Jet Ski Accessories Aug 10, 2016 by Cedric (Driver Weekly)

While riding around on your jet ski can be a lot of fun, investing in the right accessories can make it even more exciting. You can bring more people along for the ride, stay safe, and add capabilities to your watercraft. From safety to fun, here are some of the most important accessories for your personal watercraft.

Safety Equipment

When equipping your jet ski, start by making safety a priority. To do this, ensure there is a life jacket for every person onboard. If you plan to share your craft with others, get a few extra life jackets in various sizes so everyone can find the perfect one. Don’t forget to put a whistle on board. In most states, this is a legal requirement, but it is also a smart safety precaution. Ideally, you will buy some cheap whistles and attach one to every life vest. Additionally, it’s considered safer to wear a neoprene swimsuit or wetsuit (full or partial) when riding a jet-powered watercraft. A wetsuit can protect you if you fall off the vehicle at high speeds into, especially if you fall into the path of the jet.

Tow Rope

Invest in quality towrope for your jet ski so you can easily wakeboard, tube, or wakeskate while on the water. With the proper rope on hand, you will never find yourself wasting time trying to find the next best way to attach the tube or another item to your craft before heading out for some excitement on the lake or beach.

Docking and Anchoring Accessories

At some point, you’ll need to head back to shore, and you’ll appreciate having plenty of dock line on hand. This rope and clip unit makes it easy to attach your jet ski to the dock. If you find yourself in an emergency, the rope can be used for nearly anything. It also isn’t a bad idea to invest in an anchor if you want to stop your watercraft drifting away when you reach your destination, whether it is a floating dock or calm waters.

Dry Box

While you don’t need to get a dry box, it is an incredibly useful piece of equipment. Thanks to this accessory, you can easily bring valuables that won’t get wet while you’re on the water. Now you don’t have to worry about where to put your phone or camera so you can take pictures, or where to store your wallet if you plan to drive the jet ski to a cafe or restaurant on the water.

Marine Speakers

Maybe you don’t need marine or waterproof speakers on your Jet Ski, but they make your ride more exciting. Blasting some music over the water is a great way to add some fun to a long ride, swimming, or beachside relaxation. Just keep in mind that adding a set of speakers may require a few modifications to your Jet Ski to ensure the system is secure.


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