Navdy Review: Turning Your Vehicle Into An Interactive Smart Car Nov 9, 2016 by Cedric (Driver Weekly)

If you want to turn your vehicle into a smart car with the latest technology, then Navdy is an excellent solution. Navdy is a device and application that wirelessly connects with your smartphone and displays maps, driving instructions, contacts, callers, and more on your windshield. Best of all, you can use it on nearly any model (so long as you have an ODBII Port), transforming your vehicle into a smart car.

Viewing Information


Navdy displays relevant information transmitted from your smartphone onto a heads-up display (HUD) that appears above your dash. The display appears to float above the hood, keeping your eyes on the road. The screen has vivid colors and transparent so you can always see in front of you. Even on older models you can use the Navdy to access relevant information about your vehicle, play music from your phone, make calls, and access GPS. You will appreciate not looking down at your phone while the Navdy displays options like incoming calls and turn-by-turn maps.

Interactive Swipes

You don’t have to press buttons or work out erratic voice commands thanks to an innovative gesture sensor facing the driver. The sensor is smart enough to know whether you are doing an intentional interactive swipe or just a normal movement associated with driving. The system responds to your gestures whether it is night or day and will do so in a split second.

Location Services


You just place Navdy on your dashboard to align the antennae, camera, and GPS. It has a gyrometer, accelerometer, and various advanced sensors to know exactly where your vehicle is in comparison to your route and destination. If you happen to enter an area without coverage, you will still be fine thanks to the built-in offline maps combined with the system’s GPS. The system has been rigorously tested in all environments, including extreme heat and cold and humid climates.

Installing Navdy

One of the best things about the Navdy system is that it is incredibly easy to install, and you can use it on even an older model. Navdy comes with a mount that will place display on your dash. Thanks to its flexible design, you can find the right spot and adjust the mount to one of three heights. Then, use the magnetic attachment to get the display in place. Next, you can attach the Navdy Dial. You put it right on the steering wheel, where it secures firmly. With the dial, you can scroll through menu options using your thumb, doing everything from choosing a route to selecting a song or picking a contact to call. Finally, download the Navdy App onto your smartphone. Now your phone and car are seamlessly connected, and you are ready to access maps, music, and driving information while keeping your eyes on the road.


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