LINE-X Truck Bed Liners Review Sep 27, 2016 by Cedric (Driver Weekly)

There are many choices for spray-on bedliners for your pickup, including those that are provided by the manufacturer and aftermarket options. These bedliners are a good way to protect your vehicle’s truck bed from damage, preserving its value. If you’re spending money on a new bedliner, LINE-X is among the most popular brands and for good reason.

Lifetime Warranty


One of the things that truly set LINE-X bedliners apart from the competition is that they come with a lifetime warranty. The guarantee says that the liner will not flake, bubble, or crack. If it does begin to do one of these things, it will be repaired by the trained technicians. If damage happens to occur that isn’t covered by the warranty, it can also be easily repaired for an affordable price.

Application Process

Instead of just letting you spray the liner on yourself, LINE-X bedliners are applied by technicians with a significant amount of training. Instead of trying to complete as many liners as possible, they take their time and pay attention to detail. They will verify the tolerances of each bedliner, so you get the ideal thickness consistently across your truck bed. The coating is typically thin, around a quarter of an inch. This is ideal since it will follow the contours of the truck bed, keeping the factory appearance you are used to. The thin coating also allows the LINE-X bedliners to create a rough surface. When installed by a professional, it will be run-free since it mixes right in the spray gun and sets within three to five minutes.

Rigorous Testing


LINE-X can offer a lifetime warranty on its products because they have undergone extensive testing throughout the years. LINE-X tests everything from strength to durability and does so in creative ways. The company takes suggestions from customers and scientists and has shown that its bedliners hold up to the toughest tests.

Tough Surface

The only thing to keep in mind is that the high durability of the LINE-X bedliners is partially due to their hard texture. This means that it may feel tough on your knees when you are loading cargo. It also means you have to be careful with more sensitive cargo, such as finished wood surfaces. When transporting a delicate cargo, you may want to lay down a softer protective material. However, the harder material does mean that the system holds up very well over time, with little damage. Like all bedliners, the products made by LINE-X will fade after several years due to their exposure to sunlight. You will still have to work hard to protect your liner from UV rays since it tends to fade more quickly than your truck’s paint. Because of this, it can be worth it to pay a little more for UV protection in your LINE-X liner. LINE-X does offer several options that include this UV protection, and their custom color abilities mean that your liner can match your vehicle’s paint.

Protecting your truck bed can increase the useable life of your vehicle and maintain it’s appearance. LINE-X offers one of the best protections in the field, especially for heavier and rougher loads.


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