Everything You Want To Know About The Tesla Model 3 Glass Roof Nov 15, 2016 by Cedric (Driver Weekly)

Look at any image of the production-ready Tesla Model 3, and you are likely to notice its visually appealing glass roof. This feature does more than just add to its style and give you a view. It features some advanced technology found on solar roof tiles.

Sunroof Plus


As it is made of glass, the roof of the Tesla Model 3 is essentially an extension of a traditional sunroof. Instead of having a narrow view of the outdoors from inside your vehicle, the Model 3 delivers a wide view for the driver and all of the passengers. The unique glass roof also helps this Tesla stand out from other models on the market. 

Solar Roof Tiles

Elon Musk recently announced that the glass roof on the Tesla Model 3 is even cooler than it looks. It is closely related to the innovative glass solar roof tiles that the company unveiled as part of their solar energy strategy. The glass roof on the new car will share technology with these solar tiles. This announcement has led to plenty of speculation. Experts are wondering if the vehicle will be able to generate electricity, just as a solar panel would. If so, this extra solar panel could help extend the range of the EV. Tesla could even expand the glass roof technology to other windows already found on mainstream vehicles, like rear windows and the windshield.



Other experts consider it more likely that the roof shares nothing more than the added toughness and durability found in the roof tiles. The solar roof glass tiles also have proven strength, shown off through videos posted by Tesla. Therefore, there is no concern about the durability of the glass roof on the Tesla Model 3.

Heated Glass

Musk also mentioned that the solar tiles could incorporate heating elements that will help melt snow or ice so the sun can always reach the glass. If applied to the glass roof on the Tesla Model 3, this can make life much easier for drivers in colder climates. There would be less scraping and cleaning and more sunshine during the colder months. At the same time, the roof would still be less useful in a climate with less sunshine and more rain or snow. Whether or not owners want a glass roof might then depend on the price.

Affordable Production


Best of all, even with so much amazing technology packed into the Tesla Model 3’s glass roof, the model shouldn’t be too expensive. The company says that manufacturing the glass is economical, so you won’t have to deal with a significant rise in price just because of the improved styling and efficiency. However, it is unclear whether or not a roof is an option (for an additional price) or a standard feature, given its estimated affordability. Currently, interested drivers will have to wait and see how the roof looks on the Model S. Tesla plans on releasing the Model S with an optional glass roof.


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