Best Winter Luxury Accessories for Driving Nov 16, 2016 by Cedric (Driver Weekly)

No matter the type of car you own, you can drive through the winter in true comfort with the right accessories. While often considered luxuries, these accessories can increase your driving comfort and safety. Products from your dealership are guaranteed to work with your model, although you can also find some high-quality third-party equipment online or at independent automotive stores. For a luxurious and safe driving experience this winter, consider adding the following accessories.

Remote Engine Start

If your vehicle doesn’t already come equipped with this option, you can frequently add an aftermarket remote start. This feature comes in handy year-round but is particularly useful during the winter months. Use this device to heat up your vehicle before you even leave the house. There is nothing better than getting inside of a toasty car and avoiding the chill of winter.

Heated Seats

You may think you missed your chance to get heated seats or a heated steering wheel when you skipped these options when you purchased your car, but you are wrong. It is significantly easier to order your new car with these features, but a skilled technician can still install heaters. There are self-heating kits that are installed underneath the seat covers, but there are occasional electrical compatibility issues. A safer alternative is to use a heater that folds right over your seat. This way, you don’t have to install anything that may not work with your car’s electrical system, but you will still stay warm.

Heated Wiper Blades

Only the most expensive vehicles on the market come with heated wiper blades. Luckily, you can swap out your normal wiper blades for heavy-duty heated ones. While they are more expensive than their regular counterparts, heated wiper blades can make it significantly easier to clear your windshield on chilly days. The best ones won’t become clogged with snow or ice while you drive, so you don’t have to pull off the road during moderate snow or rain. Just make sure that the set of heated blades you buy will work with your vehicle’s windshield and test them carefully before you drive during inclement weather.

Engine Block Heater

Although not technically a luxury accessory, an engine block heater is a must-have for anyone driving in extremely cold climates. This feature helps warm up the oil or coolant in your car, making it easier to start. Without the help of this accessory, you will have to go outside and regularly start your engine, so it doesn’t die. There is a range of engine heater designs to choose from, and they are easy to use.

Don’t shiver and complain all winter—any combination of these features can make your life easier during colder weather.


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