Best Aftermarket Chargers for EVs Sep 23, 2016 by Cedric (Driver Weekly)

Choosing to drive an electric vehicle is a smart way to save money and reduce emissions, but you need to consider how you will charge it. A regular outlet works for most models, but it is typically much quicker to charge your EV with a designated charging station. You can either buy one offered by your vehicle’s manufacturer or select an aftermarket charger. In either case, you want to pick a charging station that handles 30 amps and 240 volts, known as a Level 2 charger. These devices can recharge your vehicle three times faster than a regular outlet at the very least, in as little as three hours or less depending on the car and model. If you are trying to figure out which aftermarket EV charger to buy, consider one of the following top options.

AeroVironment EVSE-RS

AeroVinament EV Solutions

This charger is an inexpensive and compact option for home use. This charger delivers 30 amps and 240 volts, charging your EV up to five times faster than a basic cord that comes with your vehicle. While it might feel cheaper than our other options, it does have the benefit of a cord handling system that lets you wrap the cord right around the unit for easy storage. A portable version of the unit will be about $100 cheaper than the hard-wired version, and you can opt for a cord that measures either 15 or 25 feet.

ClipperCreek HC S-40

ClipperCreek is a favorite brand among those who have been driving electric vehicles for a long time. The company has over fifteen years of experience, an impressive feat considering how little time EVs have been widely available. It feels like an improved version of the AeroVironment, but it is more expensive. While the charger isn’t stylish, it is incredibly durable and doesn’t fuss around with extra software or screens. The HCS-40 is a newer model from ClipperCreek. It is a popular option because of its 32-amp capability, compact size, and a 25-foot cord. There are also other plugs available to help increase the locations where you can charge.

Bosch Power Max

Bosch EV Solutions

You can choose a Bosch Power Max hard-wired charging station that is anywhere between 16 and 30 amps, but most people should strongly consider going with a 30A version. This is an affordable unit compared to many of the others, and it works with all major EVs. You can pick from an 18-foot cord and a 25-foot one. Best of all, when you buy this product, you get access to a trained vehicle charging adviser who visits your home to do a cost estimate and works with you during installation and inspection.

JuiceBox Pro 40

This is a good choice for those who want an affordable smart charger. JuiceBox is a 10 kilowatt Level 2 charging station with built-in WiFi. It features a heavy-duty plug, a 6-foot cable for input, a 24-foot cable for charging, and 40 amp capacity. Because of the Wi-Fi functionality, you can easily upgrade the software. It also allows the system to connect with a smartphone app and give you notifications, schedule downtime, and monitor the battery and station.


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