The Aston Martin Q Commission Mar 22, 2017 by Cedric (Driver Weekly)

If you have been paying attention to recent automotive news, you probably heard about the Aston Martin Q Commission Service. This service is named after the fictional “Q Branch” of MI6 that provides James Bond with his advanced gadgets. The service has been around since 2012 and is designed to make the process of buying an Aston Martin much simpler, particularly for those in search of further customization. The service lets customers work directly with representatives to create an individualized Aston Martin: the ultimate in bespoke luxury.

Q by Aston Martin - Collection

Aston Martin

At the beginning of the Q Commission Service are services known as Q by Aston Martin - Collection. This offers a vast quantity of exclusive enhancements and designs that aren’t found on the list of standard options and will set your vehicle apart from the crowd. It is essentially a secret menu that allows Aston Martin owners to create a vehicle that can’t be found on the lot, guaranteeing their uniqueness. Within the Collection, you can find exclusive colors for both the interior and the exterior paint, along with body-colored wheel inserts, diamond-turned spokes, unique patterns on the leather quilt upholstery, and leather and wood touches for the interior not listed anywhere else.

Q by Aston Martin – Commission

Aston Martin

The second phase of the program is the Commission, which is when the car buyer begins to collaborate with the design team at Aston Martin. In the end, the driver will end up with a unique sports car that is individualized to his or her needs and stylistic requirements. Since customers work directly with the design team, they can do nearly anything they want. As long as it is physically possible to create the vehicle a customer wants, he or she can get it. After all, the commission process begins with a blank slate, giving the Aston Martin customer complete control.

Uses for the Q Commission Service

Aston Martin

The Aston Martin Q Commission Service has an obvious appeal to those who have money to spend and a clear vision of their ideal Aston Martin. Since your vehicle will be started from scratch, you can do almost anything you want. Those who know they want to be the only one with their particular Aston Martin can take advantage of the service even if they aren’t sure what amenities they want; the design team can make suggestions. In addition to these specific customers, one of the Commission’s first projects is working with the global dealer network of the brand. Together, they will be developing a series of ultra-limited vehicles with elements and features that are specifically keyed to the geography and demographics of each area. In this manner, only those in a particular region of the world will have access to each vehicle to maintain their exclusivity. Those who want something that isn’t available anywhere else, even in ultra-exclusive numbers, can simply contact the Q Commission Service and start designing their own “Martin, Aston Martin.”


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