20 Weird and Wonky French Cars Sep 26, 2016 by Ian (Driver Weekly)

2004 Peugeot 1007


The Peugeot 1007 was an overambitious gamble: that the public would want an economy car built around a minivan-body with sliding doors. The 1007 was a “Mini MPV” or Multi-Purpose Vehicle, the European designation for a minivan based on a flexible interior layout and a tall, boxy shape. The miniature version is a shortened minivan in style and function, turned into an economy car. Peugeot just took the next logical step and added two electric sliding doors to access the four seats. On the inside, owners that wanted to customize the interior could also purchase the “Cameleo” interior trim, a set of swappable interior panels. But drivers had to manage a relatively rare semi-automatic transmission. The style was uninspired and the car was overpriced for its unremarkable gimmick. Peugeot had hoped to set a new trend in supermini design, but they ended up selling 1007s at a steep discount just to move the limited inventory. To be fair, the automaker had shopped the idea around at various motor shows, where attendees and critics had been intrigued by the unusual concept. But Peugeot had overestimated broader interest in a car based almost entirely on sliding doors. In this case, weird was worse than boring.

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