Victory Motorcycles “Vegas 8-Ball” Review Oct 7, 2016 by Cedric (Driver Weekly)

The Victory Vegas 8-Ball is a cruising motorcycle that delivers freedom and fun. While not as well-known as competitors from Harley-Davidson, Victory was founded in 1998 to build modern baggers, cruisers, and tourers with powerful engines and traditional attention to engineering and style. This motorcycle is a sleek cruiser with custom styling perfect for the Vegas Strip and the open road.

Basic Design

Victory Motorcycles

The eye-catching Vegas 8-Ball is designed for those who like to ride solo. “Stripped-down” to put as little as possible between the rider and the road, it has a sleek seat that is just 25.2 inches high and a flowing line towards from the pipes to the handlebars. Each piece is blacked out to form a color-matched frame with a sinister style. The headlight pod is also blacked out, and you get a single gauge that is multifunctional and covered in chrome. The narrow-style front fender is contrasted by the slightly bobbed rear fender that shows off the cast-aluminum wheels. The standard 8-Ball doesn’t come with weather protection or storage, but you can always add either in the form of accessories.

Who Will Love It

Those who enjoy cruisers will appreciate everything the Vegas 8-Ball has to offer. If you like longer trips, however, you will wish that there were pegs that you could stand on since the ones on this motorcycle are too far forward. Those who prefer sports bikes are also likely to have trouble adjusting to the comfortable ride. Of course, you can easily adapt to the 8-Ball over time. Thanks to the engine, you can ride it assertively.

On the Road

Victory Motorcycles

Those that take the Vegas 8-Ball on the road love the feeling. The foot controls are slightly forward, and the seat is low enough to give you a comfortable position. You won’t be as stretched out as in some other cruisers as the low seat is combined with a more assertive posture as your knees are bent. The motorcycle is powered by the 1.7-liter “Freedom” V-Twin engine that is cooled by both oil and air and manufactured by Victory. It gives you more than 100 pound-feet of torque so you can easily move the 655-pound bike quickly. With 4.5 gallons in the tank, you can stay on the open road for hours. The six-speed manual gearbox puts you in control. The motorcycle is very forgiving, and the clutch pull is only slightly stiff. The bike handles just as most drivers would expect from a cruiser. The rear shock can travel three inches and features a pre-load adjustment, so you will still want to be careful around bumps. The mufflers are set high, so you don’t have to worry about them interfering with the driving experience or clearance. Assertive, nimble, and powerful, the Vegas 8-Ball is one fun ride.

Victory is an impressive addition to the motorcycling landscape. We would be remiss if we didn’t mention that the 8-Ball is also slightly more affordable than the competition, starting at $12,999, making the Vegas 8-Ball a strong contender for your next cruiser.


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