Top 10 BMW M Series Ever Built May 19, 2017 by Al (Driver Weekly)

BMW’s are much more than luxury cars. Over the years, BMW has come out with some iconic driving machines. Their cars aren’t meant just to travel from one place to another; they are also performance machines oozing loads of power and elegance. Add to that a wide range of technology that provides for superior handling and speed, and you have the perfect beasts to rule the road. Let’s take a look at one of the most popular series of this versatile brand of automobiles, the M Series. Fine-tuned for track-ready performance, the BMW M Series are the best driving machines the automaker has ever built.

1. BMW M1

BMW manufactured less than 500 models of this exotic machine between 1978 and 1981, and they were a huge hit at the time and among collectors to this day. The automobile has now become a legend due to its exotic style and a massive 3.5-litre engine, which was pretty exciting at the time even though we have come to see much bigger powerplants in the many modern models. The car was capable of reaching an impressive 162mph due to its 273hp capacity. Even though we have seen far more powerful machines in the years after this car was built, the BMW M1 continues to impress many enthusiasts even to this day. The grandeur of this car warrants a top spot on our list of legendary M Series vehicles.

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