Top 5 Cars We’re Waiting For in 2017 Jan 10, 2017 by Cedric (Driver Weekly)

2017 has just begun, and that means we’re looking forward to new models that will arrive this year. In addition to the normal annual updates to every automaker’s lineup, there are a few truly exciting vehicles that will be arriving at some point this year—or even early next year after inevitable but frustrating delays. These are the five cars we’ll be waiting for all year.

2017 Ford GT


The 2017 Ford GT has been making headlines since it was first announced last year. The application process for the initial run of 500 is now closed, and those who will eventually own this vehicle have already been notified. Even so, we can’t wait to see the first models in the hands of eager drivers. Some customers will have to wait as long as two years to get their model. Information is limited, but we know it will be a beautiful car with an incredibly powerful engine. It will have a 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6 with a speculated 630 horsepower, 539 pound-feet of torque, a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, and rear-wheel drive.

2018 Honda Civic Type R

Honda USA

The 2018 Honda Civic Type R proves that Honda can create racecars for everyone and still excite auto enthusiasts. The latest and greatest hot hatch will arrive this year for MY 2018, and it looks incredibly aggressive with large air intakes and fenders. It also has a carbon fiber diffuser, large rear wing, and centrally-mounted three-point exhaust so you this car releases carbon dioxide and attitude into the atmosphere. We know it will have a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine but don’t know the output. We’re estimating that this little firecracker should have at least 306 horses and 295 pound-feet of torque.

2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeo USA

The 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia (that’s “Julia” for the rest of us) is more than just exciting; it is also essential for the Italian automaker’s revival plans. Alfa Romeo isn’t just attempting a relaunch in the United States; it’s also trying to reinvigorate global sales with a stylish and functional sedan. The company has already delivered the 4C and top-of-the-line sports models to early customers, but the base model won’t appear until early 2017. Frankly, that’s the model that drivers and buyers need to see before Alfa Romeo can start their comeback tour. Built on the “Giorgio” platform with multilink suspension and superb grip, rear-wheel drive, and a north-south powertrain configuration. We’ll have to see if the base turbocharged 2.0-liter inline four will power this handsome car to success in 2017.

Toyota Supra

The FT-1 Concept / Toyota USA

If this flagship sports car from Toyota arrives in 2017, it will steal the show. The release date hasn’t been confirmed, but we’re hoping that will arrive at the end of this year or the beginning of the next. The world needs another fast and affordable racecar. The next-generation Supra is based on the FT-1 concept (pictured), but it has been toned down while maintaining the strong central nose. This performance model will have a new front bumper, three large air intakes, and short overhangs in front and rear. There may even be a hybrid version available—we’ll have to wait and see.

Tesla Model 3


There are over 400,000 reservations for the all-electric super-sedan that is slated for release at the end of 2017, but we can’t be sure when these vehicles will start rolling into driveways across the country. On paper, it will be highly affordable, go over two hundred miles on a single charge, have room for five, include autopilot hardware, and be able to reach 60 mph in less than 6 seconds. We’ll be surprised if it makes a genuine appearance this year, but we’ll be thrilled to finally see if the Model 3 lives up to the hype.


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