Top 3 Electric Motorcycles Mar 30, 2017 by Cedric (Driver Weekly)

Better batteries and motors mean that you no longer have to sacrifice fun when you choose to drive an electric motorcycle. The number of electric motorcycles has increased over the years, but a few still easily stand out from the crowd. The following electric motorbikes are the top three class leaders thanks to their features, efficiency, and thrilling performance.

Zero SR

Zero Motorcycles

The Zero SR has a 775-amp controller and high-temperature motor magnet to enhance performance. Because of this, it has 116 pound-feet of torque, more than any other sport bike with a 1,000cc engine, despite having an electric powertrain. The SR also has incredible top speeds and acceleration, particularly compared to gas motorcycles. The Zero SR uses a Z-Force motor that was designed to be compact, powerful, and efficient. Clearly, Zero Motorcycle’s succeeded in their construction, since it reaches 102 miles per hour. The advanced battery management and cell chemistry systems allow for a better range and capacity. With the ZF13.0 power pack on your Zero SR, you can travel as far as 202 miles without having to stop and recharge. That figure accounts for city driving, or you can go 101 miles at 70 mph on the highway. Best of all, this power pack will last as long as your motorcycle, saving you money. While it won’t be enough for an interstate cruiser, this is a significant improvement for recreational riders. This top electric motorcycle also has a Showa suspension to deliver a magic ride, Bosch anti-lock brake system, Pirelli tires, and an LCD display.

Victory Empulse TT

Victory Motorcycles

Another great option for those who love motorcycles but want to go electric is the Victory Empulse TT. This is more than just an electric motorbike; it is a street-legal racing motorcycle. You can go over 100 miles per hour with this vehicle, and the battery will charge completely in just 3.9 hours. The electric motor has regenerative braking as well as instant torque. When riding, you can switch to Sport mode and increase power by 20 percent. The suspension is also adjustable to meet your riding style, and the wheels are stylish and lightweight to deliver performance. This motorcycle can go 140 miles on a charge so you won’t have to recharge it as frequently as older models. Bear in mind that parent company Polaris has announced they are closing down the Victory brand, meaning that these bikes might be sold at a steep discount but won’t be sold for much longer.

Energica Ego

Energica Motors

This was the first all-electric motorcycle and the only electric bike with an Italian racing legacy. This motorcycle will take you up to 120 miles, and you will enjoy the controlled, plush ride quality. Because you don’t have a clutch or gears to deal with, there is additional storage on the bike. There are four levels of engine braking that can adjust how you recharge the battery on the move. The battery pack takes about 3.5 hours of charging time, or you can bring it to 85 percent in 30 minutes with a fast-charging station. While expensive, the Energica Ego is the most stylish option with fast charging times.

These three models represent the best of ongoing technological development and increasing performance for electric motorbikes, and we hope to see more companies join them in the future.


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