The Top 25 Green Cars Jun 5, 2017 by Jet (Driver Weekly)


2017 MY Pictured (BMW Canada)

Compact luxury in an EV has never been easier than with the BMW i3, an EV with plenty of personality and a range that seems to get longer every year. For the 2017 model year, BMW increased the battery pack to 96 cells with 94 amp hours, which is a 50 percent increase in both capacity and range. The result is the i3’s ability to go 186 miles in optimum driving or 114 to 124 in most real-world situations involving hills and traffic. Something that makes the i3 stand out is that its hybrid synchronous electric motor has 125 kilowatts and 170 horsepower, helping it have the fastest 0-to-62 mph time in the class of compact EVs, 7.3 seconds. The i3 also offers the luxury expected of a BMW, including a power moonroof, room for four passengers to sit in comfort, and eucalyptus wood trimming. This material is sustainable has a beautiful color that is good for the planet and the eye. The price and controversial styling keep the BMW i3 EV further from the top.

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