The Most Ridiculous Recalls In History Nov 8, 2016 by Ian (Driver Weekly)

Automotive recalls are more common than ever. Automakers know that a quick fix of a defective vehicle can save them time and money in the future. But manufacturers also issue recalls for less practical reasons. Let’s take a look at fifteen of the strangest automotive recalls in history: from ridiculous recalls to seemingly normal recalls with strange stories hidden behind the paperwork.

2014 Mazda6: Spiders


Cars can suffer a variety of minor issues that just need a quick fix. But owners were probably terrified to discover that the reason their Mazda6 needed a new part was an infestation of yellow sac spiders. That’s right, in 2014 Mazda recalled 42,000 Mazda6’s because spiders were building nests in their vent lines. Even more strangely, this was the second time Mazda had recalled the same model for a spider infestation. In 2011, the company recalled 52,000 Mazda6’s that had attracted the interest of voracious arachnids.

There were twenty reported cases of spider infestations in the Mazda6. In each case, spiders crawled inside the vent lines and were spinning webs that blocked airflow to the fuel tank. No one knows why this species was attracted to the car, or why they only infested models with the four-cylinder engine. But the pressure could have led to cracked tanks or fires, although there were no reported incidents before the company managed to fix the problem.


Mazda tried to install a cover on the fuel line “to prohibit spider intrusion,” but the spiders still wormed their way inside. In 2014, Mazda initiated a second recall to provide a second cover and reprogram the car to change the way it purged the charcoal canister. We can only hope that those spiders were fried well and good. And if you have an older model Mazda6, don’t worry. The spiders were only mildly venomous.

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