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2013 Honda Odyssey: Misplaced Badges

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No one wants to be stuck with a new car that’s rolled out of the factory with a faulty transmission or air conditioner, let alone a more serious safety concern. Sometimes, however, owners don’t even notice an issue so minor and unusual that we must ask why the automaker even bothered with a recall. In 2013, Honda issued a recall of a small batch of 2014 Honda Odysseys because the “Odyssey” badge was on the right side of the rear instead of the left. That’s it.

Other than a wonky badge, the Odyssey was in otherwise perfect condition—for a minivan—and we doubt that dealers or any owners that had already purchased the new people mover had even noticed.However, Honda had a surprisingly good reason for such a seemingly innocuous recall. Owners trying to resell their used vans in the future might have run into trouble because a misplaced badge indicates that a vehicle may have been in a serious collision that required repairs from a “forgetful” garage.

Spotting a crooked or misplaced badge is a sign that the car has seen some bodywork. If anyone had noticed that the car had a misplaced badge but no record of repairs, they might have suspected that the car was stolen or repaired under the table. Honda did the right thing recalling their vans and replacing the badges, as silly as it might seem. Embarrassingly, Honda had already sent “Consumer Reports” a test vehicle with the wrong badge. Whoops!

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