The 5 Best Mercedes Convertibles May 24, 2017 by James (Driver Weekly)

Convertibles or hardtops are among the unique vehicle types that offer an unmatched experience to the user. Mercedes-Benz is one of the top car manufacturers that release beautiful convertibles that are not only excellent in their performance on the road, but also in their design, including retractable roofs. Here are the 5 best Mercedes Convertibles to purchase in 2017.

1. 2017 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class

Mercedes-Benz USA

The 2017 SL-Class is among the best convertibles available on the market today. This is also one of the cars that feature the latest technology and luxurious trimming with exceptional materials. The 2017 Benz SL-Class comes in four different models; the SL450, SL550, and the performance AMG SL65 and AMG SL63 models. The SL450 features 18-inch alloy wheels and advanced features such as adaptive suspension dampers, fog lamps, adaptive LED lamps, along with LED tail and running lights. The power hardtop features a panoramic glass, which allows you to enjoy the outside view even when it is closed. The SL550 ups the ante with a 4.7-liter V8 engine, along with large 19 inches alloy wheels. To top that, you can enjoy an executive-class comfort; thanks to the massaging and ventilated seats. The seats come with the Airscarf feature, which gives out warm air. The AMG models offer larger displacement and wheels and carbon fiber trim.

The SL-Class is a good performer on the road, and you will also experience entertainment with a difference. Just because it is an open-top car doesn’t mean that the quality of the audio system will be affected. This beast has an audio system that is specifically designed for the convertibles. There is a subwoofer on the passenger footwell, which assures you of a contained bass as you cruise the road. The placement of the speakers is perfect, and you will not have any challenge even as you are driving at high speed. Another great thing about the SL-Class is the inclusion of the active side bolsters, which are optional. These bolsters help to hold the passengers, and yourself, when you hit a corner. Either side will inflate if you take an opposite direction. This car is still worth every dollar. It ranges from $90,900 to $220,800.

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