The 12 Largest Vehicles In The World Jan 30, 2017 by Ian (Driver Weekly)

Think your pickup truck is a road monster? Think again. These machines are the largest and most powerful land vehicles on the planet. From firefighting tanks to mining excavators, check out the twelve biggest vehicles in the world.

Bagger 293

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The Bagger 293 is the heaviest land vehicle in the world—a colossus of steel, gears, cables, and tracks that excavates 240,000 tons of rock and coal per day. The previous record-holder for heaviest land vehicle was the similar Bagger 288, and the machines are part of a family of titanic industrial excavators made by TAKRAF in Germany. The bucket excavators are used to remove the soil and rocks above valuable seams of goal. This machine is 314.9 feet tall and 738.2 feet long and weighs 31.1 million pounds that sit on four caterpillar track assemblies that are each 12 feet wide. Unsurprisingly, it moves very slowly—a maximum of 32.8 feet per minute (that’s just 0.6 kilometers per hour). It took three weeks to move the Bagger 288 just fourteen miles from one mine to another down a highway and over rivers which were filled with steel pipes and covered with gravel. It must have been crazy to see this machine on the road.

The Big Wind

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This monster is the unique firefighting tank known as “The Big Wind.” How it works is simple. Two jet engines and six water nozzles were attached to a T-34 tank chassis, later replaced with a VT-55A. The nozzles release 8,000 gallons of water every minute that is mixed with the jet exhaust and propelled by 27,000 pounds of force into an explosive blast of steam, a 770mph cyclone that can extinguish the world’s most ferocious fires. The idea was based on similar devices used by the Soviet Union with one jet engine and a truck. But the addition of an armored tank by MB Drilling in Hungary allowed the massive contraption to roll up to the most dangerous fires, powered by a 500 horsepower 40.0L V12 engine. The mobile firefighting machine was deployed after the Gulf War and again in 2001 and put to good effect supressing oil fires in Iraq.

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