25 Spooky Automotive Stories: Ghost Cars and Haunted Highways Oct 30, 2017 by Jet (Driver Weekly)

Scary stories aren’t just limited to haunted houses and campfire tales! This is the perfect time to look back on some of the spookiest stories involving haunted planes, trains, highways and cars. These stories are guaranteed to give you chills. Whether you believe in ghosts, you will want to watch your back after reading these spooky automotive stories! Warning, there are some gruesome tales coming down the road.

1. The Golden Eagle

This “Golden Eagle” is one classic car you certainly don’t want to drive—or even see. This haunted car was the inspiration for a horror movie. The “Golden Eagle” is the 1964 Dodge 330 Limited Edition that was first bought as a police car in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. The only three officers who ever drove the car all took their own lives. Their lives ended in murder-suicides where they killed their families and themselves. But that was just the beginning

After this, it was the everyday driver for the family of Wendy Allen, who reported it would randomly open its doors during highway driving. The car was vandalized several times, and, in each case, the legend goes that the culprit died in car crashes where 18-wheelers decapitated them. It seems like everyone that touched this car died under mysterious circumstances. Twice, a child was hit by a car then flung across the street, landing under or on the Golden Eagle, dying on the scene. In 2008, a kid just touched the car, then a few weeks later killed his entire family and burned his home. Even if some of these sordid tales are coincidence, this murderous car is known as the most haunted vehicle in America for a good reason.

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