10 Concept Cars That We Want on the Road Jan 6, 2017 by Ian (Driver Weekly)

Automakers use concept cars to test new ideas and reveal new styles. While some features and stylistic cues enter production, all too often the concept car is a sad reminder of what might have been. There are some concept cars that deserve to enter production. These are the amazing cars that we always wished we could drive.

Ford Interceptor

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The Ford Interceptor is a four-door sports sedan that is dressed to kill. Ford called the concept a Marine in dress uniform—trim and elegant with raw power lurking just under the uniform. Ford revealed the car at the 2007 Detroit Auto Show with a tough three-bar grille lifted from the Ford's F250 Super Chief Concept, blunt hood, narrow greenhouse, massive wheels, and a chopped profile. Under the dress uniform was the rear-wheel drive platform taken from the Mustang and a 5.0L Cammer V8 from Ford Racing with 400 horsepower. 

Inside the car, the designers paired the squared-away style with a squared-off wheel, leather-wrapped dashboard, six-speed manual gate shifter, and low-rise seatbacks. Four-point seatbelts remind the passengers that there’s serious horsepower under the hood.


Drivers were excited for a four-door sports sedan from Ford inspired by the full-size muscle cars of the 1960s. There was nothing about this car that wasn’t ready for production: solid platform, existing engine, bold look. At the time, reviewers noted that a production model could be a serious challenger for the Chrysler 300. Even if interior touches such as four-point belts and a square steering wheel didn’t end up in mass production, we would have loved the production Interceptor.

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