The Cheapest Cars to Maintain Over 10 Years Jul 5, 2016 by Cedric (Driver Weekly)

One of the many considerations when buying a new car is how much it will cost to maintain. Some cars and automakers are known for creating high-quality vehicles that rarely need repairs while other options on the market require frequent maintenance or are simply more likely to experience breakdowns. To help your pocketbook, consider one of the cars that are cheapest to maintain. Keep in mind that the exact maintenance costs depend on where you live and how easy it is to get parts, so some vehicles with affordable maintenance in one area will be expensive to maintain in others.

Toyota Prius


Hybrids don’t necessarily have the reputation of being cheap to maintain, but the Toyota Prius proves that it is possible. Part of this is thanks to the ToyotaCare program that gives you two years or 25,000 miles of free regularly scheduled maintenance. As a bonus, the Prius is also affordable to run since it is highly fuel-efficient. Experts estimate that you will only spend $4,300 over ten years of maintenance for the Prius.

Kia Soul


The Kia Soul is a uniquely stylish crossover that is small, affordable, and incredibly easy to maintain. Experts estimate that maintaining this vehicle will cost you only $4,700 over a decade of use. The Soul gives you a spacious interior along with great fuel economy. Even with its low starting and maintenance costs, it delivers the latest technology, like an available Rear-Camera Display.

Toyota Camry


With its stellar reputation and incredible reliability, the Toyota Camry easily earns a spot among the cheapest cars to maintain. Partly thanks to ToyotaCare, you will only pay around $5,200 in maintenance for the first decade. You can also count on your Camry to last; more than 90% of the Camrys sold within the past decade are still on the road at the moment.

Honda Fit


Although Hondas tend to be more expensive to maintain, the Honda Fit will only cost around $5,500 to maintain for ten years. In addition, the Honda Fit is a compact hatchback keeping fuel costs lower than other types of vehicles, and if you want to upgrade, the car still can be configured with some of the latest technology. Despite its size, it is known for its versatility, and the interior seats can be folded in multiple ways to fit a variety of loads.

Toyota Tacoma


Pickup trucks are typically expensive to maintain, especially because they are often purchased for heavy-duty tasked and are used more frequently than the average car. The Toyota Tacoma breaks the mold, with expected maintenance costs for ten years just $5,800. The Tacoma’s midsize nature makes it great for daily drives while its powerful engines can still handle everything you need from a regular pickup.

If none of the vehicles on this list caught your eye, there are still a variety of other options with maintenance costs of approximately $6,000. The next most affordable vehicles are leading sedans and compacts: the Toyota Corolla will cost $5,800, the Nissan Versa will cost $5,900, the Toyota Yaris will cost $6,100, the Scion xB will cost $6,300, and the Kia Optima will cost $6,400 to maintain. Overall, it is more expensive to maintain an SUV or pickup truck. If efficiency and cost are important factors for you, consider one of these practical vehicles.


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