The 5 Best Used BMW Models on a Budget May 18, 2017 by John (Driver Weekly)

Finding a premium used car can be a hassle. There are many models with different reputations and potential problems. But premium used car is a great way to get luxury-car features without breaking the bank. A new BMW can cost a fortune when they first arrive at the dealer. Used models with low mileage after a lease can offer an effective compromise if you want BMW styling and fine-tuned mechanicals. Keep in mind that any used car may suffer from hidden problems. Always get a used car checked by a competent mechanic. With that in mind, there are plenty of great deals and a lot of choices when it comes to models and trims. Here are 5 used BMW models that you can find on a budget.

1. 2006-2009 BMW 3 Series


The best-selling 3 Series got revamped in 2006 and came back even better. The 330i, 325i, and 328i are fitted with the inline-six 3.0L naturally-aspirated engine. The 335i had a twin turbo engine, but the 3.0L engine was problematic though it had 300 hp, more power than the other engines. In 2009, there was an uncommon 265 hp turbodiesel engine option. We recommend the 328i. It has a fuel rating of 18/28 MPG if the 3.0L engine is running on premium gas. At the same time, the four-door sedan with automatic transmission happens to be the most popular model with car buyers. The 3 Series is known to have a few problems though, such as in the fuel injection system, cooling system, or electric hiccups. That said, you get newer styling and more features. You would need approximately $7,000 to get one of these in your parking lot, but anticipate a slightly higher cost of ownership.

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