The Top 25 Oddest Cars Ever Mar 2, 2017 by James (Driver Weekly)

Mega Track

Boitier Rouge

We know there have been similar concept cars, but this is one of the weirdest production cars we've ever seen. Nothing about the Aixam Mega Track makes any sense. Aixam is a small automaker that specializes in microcars, but in 1992 the company decided to launch a motorsports division with the hope of building a new sports car. Their first shot at glory was the 1995 Mega Track, a 5,000-pound off-road monster with four giant wheels, an adjustable ride height, and a six-liter Mercedes V12.

Boitier Rouge

We have to wonder, who was expected buy this bizarre mismatch of sports car and off-roader? Aixam managed to sell five of these beasts to what we’re sure was a bizarre collection of millionaire enthusiasts. Today, the “MEGA” division manufactures trucks and Aixam has left the sports car business. Too bad; more cars like these would have been interesting.

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