25 Movie Cars You Can Buy In Real Life May 16, 2017 by Jet (Driver Weekly)

With a long list of “Fast and the Furious” films, each of which revolves around driving amazing vehicles, it is no surprise that some pretty spectacular cars have made an appearance on camera. Narrowing down the 25 best car makes from these movies is a challenge, but here are our top choices for the fastest and furious-est car models from the movies. Most of these you can find and buy for yourself.

Acura NSX


Although the Acura NSX has been in several “Fast and Furious” movies, it is best known for its roles in the fourth and fifth. The character Mia Toretto has a late-model NSX-T that was enhanced via parts from the NSX-R from the Japanese market. Although this black sports car wasn’t on the screen for long, it still managed to make an impression. The Acura NSX has gone through various phases, but you can still get a brand-new one today. The current model has three electric motors, including two placed by the front axle. The third is between the 9-speed dual-clutch automatic and the twin-turbocharged V6. That’s right; although you wouldn’t know to look at it, the Acura NSX in “The Fast and the Furious” franchise is actually a hybrid, giving it instant torque and billing as one of the more efficient vehicles the characters ever race. This is one model from the films that, for the right price, you can buy and drive away from a dealership.

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